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11 February 2020
The sad news has reached us that Paul Barnett died unexpectedly and too soon on February 3, 2020.

Older News

4 January 2020
We've published The Storms of Chai, the 29th Lone Wolf book. Many thanks to Ben Dever for making this possible!

The Forces of Darkness have launched a coordinated assault upon the Free Nations of Magnamund. Their intentions are clear: to overwhelm and annihilate them before an effective counter-offensive can be undertaken. In The Storms of Chai, your mission is one of seven that Kai Supreme Master Lone Wolf has initiated to turn back this unprecedented tide of evil before it engulfs all the goodly nations of Magnamund forever. Will you succeed in your vital quest to retrieve the Eye of Agarash from the city of Pensei and bring it back safely to the Kai Monastery of Lorn, or will you fall victim to the powerful Nadziran Zashnor and the terrible creatures at his command?
22 June 2019
The newest book in the series, Dead in the Deep, has been published in English Joe Dever's son Ben 35 years after the first publication of Flight from the Dark. It is available for purchase from the new home of Holmgard Press at

Grand Master Steel Hand, a powerful warrior of the New Order Kai, has disappeared in the ruins of the ancient Lyrisian city of Emolyria, which teeters on the brink of Maakengorge. This accursed place has become the largest mustering point for the servants of the Dark God Naar. In Dead in the Deep, you must enter Emolyria’s vast dungeons unnoticed. The Brotherhood of the Crystal Star and the Sages of Varetta can help to clear the path, but you alone must walk it. In the depths of the Chasm of Doom lies a terrible but forgotten power. Burning and hungry, it is fed by the endless pain of the Restless Dead, making ready to rise from the Maakengorge and consume the Freelands of Magnamund. What dark secrets will you uncover in the abyss? Will you find your brother Kai alive? Will you succeed where he has failed?
15 February 2018
Over the years, we've made numerous small fixes to the books behind the scenes that never made their way to the books on our website. We have now published completely up-to-date editions of all the books in the Lone Wolf, World of Lone Wolf, and Freeway Warrior series.
30 November 2016
Joe Dever's family have confirmed that the Grand Master has passed away after a brave and private ten-year battle with illness.

More than mere entertainment, he and his works have graced so many of our lives with an example of honor and goodness that has earned our loyalty, even 30 years after the publication of the first Lone Wolf gamebook, Flight from the Dark. Though his life and his quest have come to an end, his legacy will endure.

May his family and friends receive comfort in the hours and days ahead. May Ishir and Kai receive the stalwart warrior into their bosom.
15 July 2016
Lone Wolf Adventure Game nominated for three Gen Con EN World RPG awards! Voting has now started for this year’s Gen Con EN World RPG awards, better known as ‘The Ennies’. It is open to everyone on a one vote per category per person basis. Voting ends on July 21st. (more…)
8 July 2016
We've added a list of Lone Wolf books and related materials that are currently in print and available to purchase.
19 November 2015
We've updated our website to be more friendly to these newfangled devices with small screens. You like? (a bit of website history)
13 October 2015
We've published the last book in the Freeway Warrior series, California Countdown.

You are Cal Phoenix, the Freeway Warrior, champion and protector of Dallas Colony One. The third stage of your life-or-death exodus to the California coast takes your colony of survivors across the wastelands of New Mexico and Arizona, a region still blighted by lethal radioactivity. Can you find the safe route through to the sanctuary of Tucson, or will you and your people perish in the desolation of The Omega Zone?
1 September 2015
We've published the third book in the Freeway Warrior series, The Omega Zone.

You are Cal Phoenix, the Freeway Warrior, champion and protector of Dallas Colony One. The third stage of your life-or-death exodus to the California coast takes your colony of survivors across the wastelands of New Mexico and Arizona, a region still blighted by lethal radioactivity. Can you find the safe route through to the sanctuary of Tucson, or will you and your people perish in the desolation of The Omega Zone?
14 April 2015
We've published the second book in the Freeway Warrior series, Slaughter Mountain Run.

You are Cal Phoenix, the Freeway Warrior, champion and protector of Dallas Colony One. From the sanctuary of Big Spring your convoy of survivors begins the next stage of its life-or-death exodus: a journey to the fortified border town of El Paso, a destination that lies hundreds of miles beyond the sun-scorched wasteland of West Texas. In Slaughter Mountain Run, your mission is to rescue Kate Norton from the clutches of your arch enemy—the HAVOC leader Mad Dog Michigan. You have just seven days to free her and to rendezvous with the colony before it runs the gauntlet of fire that protects the only mountain road to El Paso.
25 June 2014
We've published the last Lone Wolf book! Joe Dever sent Project Aon a congratulatory note recognizing this milestone.

A visit to the fabulous court of Xo-lin is disrupted when news of the invasion arrives at the venerable emperor's palace in Pensei. The evil Autarch Sejanoz of Bhanar has launched a sudden and devastating attack upon Xo-lin's ancient realm. With the tyrant's armies swarming across his borders, the aged Xo-lin is forced to flee his imperial palace and seek sanctuary in the distant city of Tazhan. In The Hunger of Sejanoz, your mission is to escort the aged emperor and his entourage safely across the Great Lissan Plain to Tazhan. Will you succeed in your perilous task … or will you and your charges fall victim to the merciless forces of the Autarch?
14 November 2013
Joe Dever is very pleased to announce today the worldwide release of the new Lone Wolf game Blood on the Snow for iOS and Android tablet and smart phone devices. (more…)
23 October 2013
Joe Dever is very pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of I Signori delle Tenebre, the first Italian language hard cover collector’s edition of Lupo Solitario Book 1. The book contains a much improved translation of the expanded English text, plus a new and exclusive colour map of the Lastlands by Francesco Mattioli. The amazing cover art is by Alberto Dal Lago. (more…)
29 September 2013
The Claw of Naar is the evil wand of power used by Agarash the Damned during his ancient conquest of Magnamund. Legend held that it had been lost forever in the molten ruins of Naaros, but now it has resurfaced, and its dread return heralds a dawn of disaster for the peaceable nations of Magnamund. In Vampirium, you must snatch the Claw from the clutches of the evil Autarch Sejanoz. Can you deliver the Claw safely to the Elder Magi … or will you be destroyed by the terrifying wrath of the vampire lord Sejanoz?
14 August 2013
Joe Dever announces the forthcoming Lone Wolf iOS/Android game will be titled Joe Dever's Lone Wolf—Blood on the Snow and shares the latest game trailer. (more…)
3 June 2013
Nic Bonczyk and Joe Dever present Lone Wolf 18 Dawn of the Dragons English language Collector’s Edition. (more…)
16 May 2013
Joe Dever and Vincent Books announce an agreement to publish hard cover Italian language collector editions of the Lone Wolf (Lupo Solitario) gamebooks. (more…)
26 April 2013
Joe Dever and Cubicle 7 Entertainment are delighted to announce today that several agreements have been put in place to develop Lone Wolf Roleplaying Games and detailed colour maps of Magnamund. (more…)
6 March 2013
Joe Dever and Mantikore-Verlag are very pleased to announce that an agreement has been put in place to publish Lone Wolf books 18-28. (more…)
1 March 2013
As of Feb 27, 2013, Mongoose Publishing Ltd no longer has a license to produce any Lone Wolf books and games. All rights have now reverted to Joe Dever. (more…)
22 February 2013
For centuries the Shom'zaa has lain incarcerated and forgotten deep below the mountains of Bor. Now this terrifying beast has been set free, and its hunger for vengeance knows no bounds. In The Fall of Blood Mountain, you must journey to the fabulous subterranean kingdom of the dwarves and attempt to save your ancient allies from the wrath of the Shom'zaa. Will you succeed in your mission or will you succumb to the terrible powers of this ancient champion of Evil?
28 October 2012
Published revisions of Lone Wolf 1–25 and World of Lone Wolf 1–4 including newer formats that haven't been available for all of the books.
24 October 2012
Following the success of the World of Magnamund poster map that Joe Dever and Francesco Mattioli launched last year, they are very pleased to announce the publication of an exciting new Lone Wolf cartography project: the Maps of Magnamund Collection.
4 October 2012
Provided new formats to make it possible to read all of our currently published Lone Wolf books on ebook devices.
10 March 2012
Updated the books in the Kai series with fixes and the new formats that have been available with recently published books.
25 January 2012
Added the Lone Wolf Club Newsletters compilation file, an all-in-one collection of the 37 LWC Newsletters in chronological order.
18 January 2012
We blacked out our website in protest of the SOPA and PIPA bills in the United States Congress.
3 January 2012
We made our Annual Reports public.
6 September 2011
An interactive Kindle edition of the new version of Flight from the Dark is on sale in the United States.
18 August 2011
Joe Dever has signed a licensing deal and a Lone Wolf computer game is back in production.
27 July 2011
Published the battle banners of the Darkland armies.
19 May 2011
Lone Wolf has been abducted by the forces of the Dark God Naar and imprisoned in a remote city-fortress on the border of the Darklands. The Supreme Master will surely die unless you can rescue him in Trail of the Wolf.
20 April 2011
Published a new book format which is simple yet includes the illustrations for Rune War. It should be great for mobile browsers and ebook readers.
11 April 2011
Added the Lone Wolf 10th Anniversary Calendar. The Lone Wolf 10th Anniversary Calendar was published by Random House in 1994 to celebrate 10 years of the Lone Wolf series, coinciding with the release of Voyage of the Moonstone. Strangely, it was not released in the shops to buy; rather, it was released as a 'trade publication', with copies being sent to bookshops to advertise and publicise the series. As such it lacks an ISBN number, making it difficult to track down. Many copies of this calendar were given away as prizes in Lone Wolf Club Newsletter competitions.
26 January 2011
Added the English to Giak Word List. Giak is the common tongue of the foul denizens of the Darklands. Joe Dever has provided a greatly expanded Giak word list with over 250 new words. (see Giak to English Word List)
12 November 2010
Evil Lord Vandyan of Eldenora has unearthed the lost secrets of rune magics used by Agarash the Damned during his ancient conquest of Magnamund. Using their secrets, Lord Vandyan has raised a supernatural army. Join the crusade to save Magnamund in Rune War.
11 November 2010
Brian Williams, illustrator for virtually all of the Lone Wolf books since The Cauldron of Fear, passed away unexpectedly on October 4, 2010. We mourn the loss of this talented and generous man and send our deepest condolences to his family. We will be forever grateful to him for bringing Lone Wolf's adventures to life and for his generosity toward Project Aon. (more…)
26 July 2010
Published a printable edition of Flight from the Dark and a couple of contributed Mobipocket editions.
19 April 2010
Lone Wolf Wins the RPC 1st Place Award for Best Fantasy Book of the Year! (photo of the trophy)
6 March 2010
Published a revision of Flight from the Dark.
17 October 2009
Save Sommerlund's ally Siyen from falling into the hands of Baron Sadanzo in Mydnight's Hero.
4 August 2009
The Buccaneers of Shadaki is now ready for your reading pleasure.
23 June 2009
Voyage of the Moonstone now includes its full complement of illustrations by Trevor Newton.
16 May 2009
We've published Lone Wolf 21: Voyage of the Moonstone, the first book in the New Order series.
18 March 2009
We've released Lone Wolf 20: The Curse of Naar.
1 February 2009
We've released Lone Wolf 19: Wolf's Bane.
1 January 2009
Project Aon Annual Report 2008 released.
20 August 2008
Officially released the two 1984 Lone Wolf Spectrum Games Flight from the Dark and Fire on the Water for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
23 July 2008
To go along with our release of Highway Holocaust, we've now also released the Freeway Warrior Action Chart. Let us know if you experience any problems.
19 July 2008
We have published the first of the Freeway Warrior series, Highway Holocaust. This is the first book with full Unicode and PNG support. Once you've completed the adventure, make sure to check out our latest creation (that's actually been lurking in the background for years), the Flowchart.
3 Apr 2008
We have—at long last—published Dawn of the Dragons.
25 Jan 2008
We have published our latest revision of Castle Death.
16 Jan 2008
We have published our latest revision of The Kingdoms of Terror.
27 Nov 2007
We have published our latest revision of Shadow on the Sand.
7 Nov 2007
We have a newer, prettier, (and we hope more stable) version of Statskeeper. Please provide feedback so we can improve it.
31 Jul 2007
Lone Wolf In Print Again!

Today is a milestone for Lone Wolf. Flight from the Dark was first printed 23 years ago. For the last several years, this seminal book has languished in limbo, sadly out-of-print in English. We at Project Aon and other faithful stalwarts have kept the banner of the Kai flying in this time of uncertainty.

Today, our hopes are vindicated. Today, Mongoose Publishing makes available a newly expanded and revised edition of Flight from the Dark. If this is to succeed, we need to show that there is enough interest to justify this new publication. Please consider supporting this rebirth of Lone Wolf. We hope that we and future generations will have the opportunity to know the pleasure of reading Lone Wolf.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!
2 July 2007
The Kai Grand Sentinel has been reincarnated in blog form with a review of the upcoming version of Flight from the Dark from Mongoose Publishing.
11 May 2007
We've published revisions of Flight from the Dark, Fire on the Water, The Caverns of Kalte, and The Chasm of Doom. This revision came with a bonus: each revised book also has a much requested single-page version.
23 January 2007
Project Aon finally presents Combat Heroes 1: Black Baron and White Warlord. This means that Project Aon has now published the complete four-book Combat Heroes series.
11 September 2006
Project Aon presents the Readers' Handbook, devoted to the many and varied rules for Lone Wolf, Grey Star, and Freeway Warrior. It replaces the now-defunct Rules Handbook.
15 July 2006
In time for the twentieth anniversary of their original publication date, Project Aon presents two more PDF releases--Combat Heroes 2: Emerald Enchanter and Scarlet Sorcerer. These books by Joe Dever each contain a solo game and a two-player game. Both books are required for the two-player game.
8 June 2006
At long last, almost a year since the last Lone Wolf book, we are now ready to give you The Deathlord of Ixia.
31 March 2006
Just in time to avoid April Fools' Day, we'd like to announce the new Spanish-language project: Proyecto Aon Español. We've also upgraded our website.
13 October 2005
Published updated editions of all four Grey Star (World of Lone Wolf) books: Grey Star the Wizard, The Forbidden City, Beyond the Nightmare Gate and War of the Wizards, where Beyond the Nightmare Gate for the first time includes the original illustrations.
12 September 2005
Published Lone Wolf Originals a collection of Joe Dever's original drawings of maps (including the never published color map from The Hunger of Sejanoz) and other tidbits such as a 1984 promotional poster for Flight from the Dark and cover illustrations by Brian Williams, Melvyn Grant, and Peter Andrew Jones. This document also contains some of Joe Dever's notes for The Cauldron of Fear providing a rare insight into his process of creating and publishing these gamebooks.
5 September 2005
Published a collection of all the fan created replacement art maps, etc. that has graced past Project Aon editions.
15 August 2005
Published our Action Chart Pack, a collection of the original artwork action charts and patents of order and rank (the scrolls in the front of the books that say "The bearer of this scroll . . .").
25 July 2005
Published The Skull of Agarash
16 July 2005
Published an updated, fully illustrated edition of The Forbidden City.
9 July 2005
Published the Lone Wolf Poster Painting Book by Gary Chalk.
2 July 2005
Published an updated, fully illustrated edition of Grey Star the Wizard. The in-story illustrations are by the original artist, Paul Bonner.
25 June 2005
Published The Magnamund Companion. If you haven't ever read this compendium of Magnamund lore, you are in for a treat.
12 June 2005
Published the third edition of the Kai Grand Sentinel.
31 May 2005
Published the final book in the Grey Star (World of Lone Wolf) series of gamebooks titled War of the Wizards.
1 April 2005
It's no April Fool's hoax. We've just published the second edition of the Kai Grand Sentinel.
12 March 2005
Published The Legacy of Vashna.
2 March 2005
Created an Atom feed.
22 January 2005
Published the first edition of the Kai Grand Sentinel, Project Aon newborn bi-monthly newsletter.
22 January 2005
Distributed the first public release of the Lone Wolf Action Chart, a Java application to help track character statistics.
26 June 2004
Published Beyond the Nightmare Gate. Updated Grey Star the Wizard and The Forbidden City.
18 May 2004
Added the Help Us page to our website.
10 April 2004
Published the Lone Wolf Club Newsletters and created the Reader Forum.
14 January 2004
Published The Darke Crusade.
30 October 2003
Published The Forbidden City, the second book in the World of Lone Wolf series. Please note that if you want to download the updated version of StatsKeeper, it has been bundled in the download of The Forbidden City.
19 May 2003
Published The Captives of Kaag.
2 April 2003
Published Grey Star the Wizard--our first book from the World of Lone Wolf series!
1 February 2003
Published The Plague Lords of Ruel--our first Grand Master book!
1 January 2003
Published The Masters of Darkness. Republished all previously published books with original illustrations and a new design. Revamped the project's website.
7 October 2002
Published the Rules Handbook [which has since been replaced by the Readers' Handbook].
8 August 2002
Published The Prisoners of Time.
15 June 2002
Published The Dungeons of Torgar.
13 May 2002
Ingo Klöcker finished an A4 PDF of The Cauldron of Fear for metrically-minded fans.
4 May 2002
Published The Cauldron of Fear - including all new PDF editions - and streamlined our website. If you're looking for the old download section of the website, it is now included in the View section. We've also put the idea of the Bibliography and Skins on hold for now.
21 July 2001
The first public release of a book illustrated by one of the original illustrators: The Jungle of Horrors.
24 March 2001
The long awaited release of Castle Death and an updated StatsKeeper.
27 December 2000
We introduced Skins.
21 December 2000
The Caverns of Kalte and The Chasm of Doom have both been updated. Download the latest versions today!
3 December 2000
Our first Magnakai series book is published!
24 October 2000
Published our first full release: Flight from the Dark. This means that it's fully illustrated!
23 October 2000
Changed service providers. Update your bookmarks. ( will always point to the Project Aon website)
28 September 2000
Published Shadow on the Sand!
8 September 2000
Added this "What's New" page and a Bibliography page. Also, we've given the website a facelift. You like?