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Lone Wolf Spectrum Games

Way back in 1984, the first two Lone Wolf gamebooks—Flight from the Dark and Fire on the Water—were adapted for computer play. The games are a combination of text adventure and 'combat simulator'.

These games were quite revolutionary in their own way when released. For example, the numbered section that relates to Lone Wolf's current predicament is given on-screen for anyone who wants to reference the actual text of the books. Despite looking quaint and very old fashioned now, these games were released for the princely sum of £6.95 each (or £8.95 for the game and a copy of the relevant book).

Project Aon has decided to make these games available, since they are part of the history of Lone Wolf. Each of the two games is available in a perfect TZX file, which can be loaded into a Spectrum 48k emulator. Also included are text files of the instructions for each game. (For more information on the background to these games, as well as reviews and articles in the press at the time, see the Lone Wolf Software Articles PDF file.)

These games are provided as they are. Project Aon cannot provide support for their use. For more information about emulation software, please visit World of Spectrum. We also have some brief instructions for how to set up one of the Emulators here.

Copyright Holders

The games were written by the long gone Five Ways Software in Birmingham, England, and were published by Hutchinson in 1984.

We have made efforts to contact the holders of the copyrights for these games, all to no avail. It appears that the corporate rights holders no longer exist and have not transferred their intellectual property to another entity. Nor are we aware of any ongoing sales of these games. This being the case, we expect that no harm is done in providing these games for download at no charge.

If you are a copyright holder or know how to contact one, please let us know. These games will be removed promptly at the copyright holder's request.

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Mirror of Death

We are currently in discussion regarding the rights to the third Lone Wolf computer game The Mirror of Death. This game is not being made available by Project Aon at this time. For more information on the background of the game, see an interview with the original designer Ian Upton on the Amiga Games that Weren't website.