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Getting Started

Q: What are the Lone Wolf books?

A: They are Joe Dever's most popular series of gamebooks, set primarily in the mythical world of Magnamund in the universe of Aon (hence our name). You, the reader, play as Lone Wolf, a warrior-monk whose potential as a hero emerges from the tragic defeat of his teachers and kinsmen, known as the Kai Lords. These are solo adventures that can be read and interpreted at your leisure, bringing a unique experience to the reader. The most similar books to these that found a mainstream audience are the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy series. In Lone Wolf, however, you do not only make key decisions in the text, but also choose your equipment and unique abilities, which may help you to survive through encounters that have both strategic and random elements. Lone Wolf books are also relatively unique in that the books can be read and played individually or as part of the larger series, where you can use skills and items gained from one book in another book.

Q: How do I start?

A: Visit The Books and choose your book! We also advise you to read the Project Aon License, which basically states that you are entitled to use these internet publications for personal use only, that redistribution in any form isn't permitted and other legal issues which hopefully do not concern you.
We recommend that you start with the first book, Flight from the Dark. Read through the official Game Rules pages as well as the Readers' Handbook to gain the best understanding of how to proceed through the book. Don't worry, we're not talking Dungeons and Dragons rule books here; you should have a good understanding of the system within half an hour or so. Alternatively, you can click on the "Table of Contents" and peruse some of the first sections if you want to get some of the flavor of the book before reading the rules (this may spoil a little bit of the adventure though).
To keep record of your items and abilities, you may find it convenient to use the StatsKeeper program we provide, especially if you have a large screen. Alternatively, you can always use good old pencil and paper. We designed an Action Chart which is found in the Internet Editions, which basically keeps record of the same items and abilities, and can easily be printed for your convenience. Both the StatsKeeper and Action Chart can be accessed from each book.

Q: Where can I go for clarification of the rules?

Project Aon has developed the Readers' Handbook to help answer questions about the rules. The Topical Guide is very useful for explaining rules as they relate to Disciplines and individual items, and also clarifies many details regarding the use of Healing, legal combinations of armour that may be worn, currency conversion, and much more. This information is culled from the books themselves, and also from the Lone Wolf Club Newsletters.

About the Internet Editions

Q: Which books are you providing?

A: We will publish:
  • Kai series (Lone Wolf books 1-5)
  • Magnakai series (Lone Wolf books 6-12)
  • Grand Master series (unabridged*, Lone Wolf books 13-20)
  • New Order series (Lone Wolf books 21-29, but not 30-32**)
  • World of Lone Wolf (Grey Star) series
  • The Magnamund Companion
  • The Skull of Agarash graphic novel
  • The Lone Wolf Poster Painting Book
  • The Lone Wolf Club Newsletters
  • Freeway Warrior series
  • Combat Heroes series
* The Grand Master books were abridged in the United States. We will be publishing the original unabridged UK editions.
** There are no current plans to publish the following:

Q: Are there any differences between the printed originals and these internet editions?

A: Yes. One of the advantages of an HTML format is that rather than simply reprint the pages, we can post each section individually, and allow the reader to jump to the appropriate section by clicking on a link within the text. This circumvents the need to flip through the other sections to get the one you need. There are some disadvantages, however. These include the limited page layout capabilities of HTML.
Furthermore, we have made corrections and clarifications to the text when appropriate. Sometimes these changes are minor, as in a spelling correction. Other times, these involve a reworking of a section's choices, or something similarly substantial. We also include clarifying footnotes for issues that cannot be resolved with a simple correction. These clarifications, as well as all corrections (even minor) are noted in appendices for each book. Rest assured that we have taken every possible measure to give a pure yet comprehensive representation of the text.

Q: Which printed books were abridged? Are these online editions abridged?

A: Project Aon is publishing only complete, unabridged versions.
The American publishers decided to reduce the number of pages for Books 13-20 to keep the prices of the longer Grand Master books down.
In every Lone Wolf Grand Master book, there is a section where Lone Wolf can choose between two major paths; for example, in The Plague Lords of Ruel, you can approach Mogaruith either through the mountains or through the forest. The abridged edition dropped the route through the mountains entirely. Similar editing happened in books 14-20. Since this removal required the editors to re-number most of the sections, it also led to an increased number of broken section links.

Q: Why is there no cover art?

Each book has had many covers; some of the UK editions alone have had 3 or 4 different covers each! Add in the American covers, and those from other countries, and we really have too many to choose from. If we wanted to distribute the cover artwork, we would need to contact the cover artist who painted it. Since there are so many, this would be a problem.

Q: Can you publish these works in other languages?

A: We have been given permission to publish the Spanish translations and a few translations in Italian. We will make an announcement if we are granted permission to publish further languages. Please don't ask.

Q: Who do I talk to if I found an error in the books?

A: Please report it to us. We are trying our best to prevent errors, but we need your help. To save yourself the trouble of reporting something that we already know about, you may want consult our errata lists.

Q: Can I download all of the books at once?

A: Yes.

About Project Aon

Q: Is this legal?

A: Absolutely. . . as long as you agree to the Project Aon License. (No, you don't have to sign anything, just understand that you are not allowed to redistribute any of the material here or use it for any reason other than your personal enjoyment.) Joe Dever now has full rights to the works we are publishing, so it is by his generosity--and the generosity of the other authors and illustrators that have granted rights to us--that we are able to provide this free service legally.

Q: What are you guys getting out this anyway?

A: It's a labor of love. We are all fans working on this project completely on a volunteer basis, and are determined for potential fellow-fans out there to have the opportunity to read what major publishers are denying them. You won't find any ads popping up while you're reading the books either. Welcome to Lone Wolf heaven!

Q: How can I help?

A: Welcome aboard! Seriously, everyone is welcome to contribute as much or as little as they can. If you have a willingness to help, we need you. Or, if you have a little extra money, we have some minimal costs that you could help share. Visit the Help Us section for details.

Q: What's your logo supposed to be?

A: Our logo depicts a phoenix--a bird from Greek mythology who was adorned with brilliant reddish-violet and golden plumage. It was said to live for 500 years in the deserts of Egypt. At the end of it's life it would burn itself to death on a funeral pyre. A new Phoenix would then rise from the ashes of its predecessor to begin the 500 year cycle anew.
The Phoenix has become a symbol of rebirth and immortality because of its dramatic life cycle. It is in this sense that we use the newly risen Phoenix as our logo; we strive to see the work of these artists reborn and granted immortality.


Q: Where can I get printed copies of the books?

A: The primary reason we are providing this service is because Lone Wolf had gone out of print. Thankfully, that's changed. We now maintain a list of Lone Wolf books and related materials that are currently in print and available to purchase.
If your mind is set on owning the original editions and you only have a few books left to find, you may be able to, but finding them could be a grueling process. If you are still determined to do so, online auction sites and book sellers that specialize in used book are good resources.

Q: What other ways can I get involved with other Lone Wolf fans?

A: One way is through Project Aon's Forum. There are also other opportunities to contribute to the Lone Wolf fan community. Visit our Links page to other Lone Wolf related resources, especially the other community sites.

Q: Do you know Joe Dever's e-mail address?

A: With his passing in November 2016, it is sadly no longer possible to contact Joe, but if you have a proposal that you think his estate would be interested in, you can send it to us and we'll try to help put you in contact.

Q: How can I develop software for Project Aon?

A: More information is available in the Sanctum. In brief, we are delighted to support development on any platform, as long as book content is hosted on the Project Aon website as required by the License. A staff account can be requested for this.

Q: Can I develop a new mobile app using the Lone Wolf gamebooks?

A: Due to ongoing commercial projects by the copyright holders, until further notice Project Aon cannot grant approval for any new mobile apps.
If you would like to develop a mobile app, please contact the rights holders through Holmgard Press at

Q: How can I contact the copyright holders for the gamebooks?

A: The most direct route is probably to contact the rights holders through Holmgard Press at

Q: Kai Chronicles cannot download books anymore.

A: The Kai Chronicles app for Android has been decommissioned, so you won't be able to update the app or download any books. Since the app will not be receiving security updates, we suggest uninstalling it. See also Mailing list post, Another mailing list post, Yet another mailing list post.