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Legends of Lone Wolf

Legends of Lone Wolf

In 1989, after five years of winning awards and topping the bestseller lists, the original run of Lone Wolf gamebooks had seemingly come to an end with the completion of the Magnakai series. Lone Wolf had found the Lorestones, destroyed the Darklords, and avenged his slain Kai Lord brethren, but Joe Dever and his publishers were swamped by letters from around the world, urging them to continue the story.

Joe teamed up with author John Grant and embarked with him on a series of novelisations of the Lone Wolf gamebooks titled Legends of Lone Wolf. Over the next five years, twelve volumes of the Legends would emerge, expanding on the stories from the gamebooks. The novels revealed details, events, and characters only hinted at before: Vonator's betrayal of Sommerlund and defection to the Darklords, how the Book of the Magnakai was lost, how Banedon acquired the skyship Skyrider, and much more.

We currently do not have permission to publish the Legends of Lone Wolf novels on the Project Aon website, but we do have permission to publish the original vignettes by Brian Williams for the books.

For a while, they were available to purchase in new omnibus editions. Please refer to Where to Purchase for current availability.


(:amazontext projectaon-20 0982619707 Omnibus 1:) includes Eclipse Of The Kai, The Dark Door Opens, and The Sword Of The Sun
(:amazontext projectaon-20 1837951632 Omnibus 2:) includes Hunting Wolf, The Claws of Helgedad, and The Sacrifice of Ruanon
(:amazontext projectaon-20 193705117X Omnibus 3:) includes The Birthplace and The Book of the Magnakai

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