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The Skull of Agarash

The Skull of Agarash

by Joe Dever and Brian Williams and Cyril Julien? (illustrators)

A completely new Lone Wolf story in graphic novel form!

Lone Wolf's close friend—Lord Rimoah—is kidnapped during a pirate raid on the port of Kadan. When Lone Wolf searches for clues that will lead him to the pirate's secret lair, he receives an offer of help from an unexpected quarter—an offer which hurls him into a nightmare realm of assassins, sea demons, and dark mysterious magic where his courage and Kai skills are tested to the limit.

The Skull of Agarash is the first Lone Wolf graphic novel—an exciting and original tale of mystery and high adventure set in the fantastic world of Magnamund. Written by award-winning author Joe Dever and illustrated by artists Cyril Julien and Brian Williams, it is an absolute must for sword-and-sorcery fans everywhere.

Revised: 26th June 2016
6th August 2014 (Updated cover artwork)

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