Project Aon


Authors and Illustrators

Joe Dever was the author and main creative force behind the world of Magnamund. He, unfortunately, passed away in 2016.

Gary Chalk is the illustrator of the first eight Lone Wolf books. You can also follow Gary on Twitter.

Paul Barnett (John Grant) was the author of the twelve novels in the Legends of Lone Wolf series and was an invaluable aid to Project Aon. Paul Barnett also had a LiveJournal and a journal at Dreamwidth.

Rob Adams is one of the illustrators of the Magnamund Companion.

Roger Andrews sculpted several commerative statuettes from the Legends of Lone Wolf.

Mel Grant is the illustrator of Freeway Warrior 1: Highway Holocaust and of the UK covers for all four Freeway Warrior books.

Pete Lyon is one of the illustrators of the Magnamund Companion.

Fred Gambino illustrated some of the UK book covers after Gary Chalk.

Peter Andrew Jones Peter Andrew Jones is the artist behind several Lone Wolf-related book covers and the artwork used in the Lone Wolf 10th Anniversary Calendar.

Current Publishers

Mantikore-Verlag: The new English-language publishers of Lone Wolf, they also publish Lone Wolf in German.

Cubicle 7: Publishers of Lone Wolf Roleplaying Games and detailed colour maps of Magnamund (more…)

Worldweaver: Producing interactive Kindle adaptations of the Lone Wolf gamebooks.

Former Publishers

Mongoose Publishing : A publishing company which had published D20 rules for the world of Magnamund and created a range of Lone Wolf miniatures. Mongoose is no longer publishing Lone Wolf.

Alternative Armies: Creators of a range of Lone Wolf miniatures between 1992 and 1993.

Games Workshop: Creators of a range of Lone Wolf miniatures in 1985.

Matchlock Miniatures: Creators of a range of Lone Wolf miniatures between 1994 and 1996.

Non-English Publishers

Copernicus Corporation: publisher of the Polish editions.

Des pinceaux et du rêve: blog of the illustrator Jidus, who created the Darkland Banners for the Lone Wolf Multi-player Gamebook RPG published by Mongoose Publishing and many other illustrations.

Gallimard Jeunesse: publishers of the French-language editions of the Loup Solitaire and Astre d'Or (World of Lone Wolf) gamebooks.

Loup Solitaire: website by Le Grimoire, publisher of the French-language editions of the Lone Wolf RPG.

Mantikore-Verlag: German-language publishers of Lone Wolf.

Samotny Wilk: community website for readers of the new Polish editions.

Vincent Books: Italian publishers of Lupo Solitario.

Community Sites

Tower of the Sun: Public Lone Wolf forums and collaborative creation.

Lone Wolf on Wikia: A Lone Wolf encyclopedia that anyone can edit. This fan-managed Lone Wolf portal has been inactive for a few years. It has information about the Kaiwisdom mailing list, the original online Lone Wolf discussion forum that started it all back in 1996.

Scriptarium: website of the gamebooks worlds association by authors involved in some official projects such as the Mongoose 2nd edition RPG sourcebooks and the Maps of Magnamund Collect. Website includes a French-language forum with a section in English. They also produce a free webzine called Draco Venturus, which includes many Magnamund-themed articles such as background, solo adventures and gaming aids for the Lone Wolf role-playing games.

Free Book Projects

Google Book Search: Search the full text of books and discover new ones.

Project Gutenberg: A similarly spirited project to transcribe public domain books into electronic format

LibriVox: voice recordings of public domain books.

The Open Library: Created by the Internet Archive to demonstrate a way that books can be represented online and to create free web access to important book collections from around the world.

The Rosetta Project: illustrated antique children's books online.

Feedbooks: high quality, free e-books in many formats thousands of free e-books in many formats

Defective by Design: a guide to free e-books.

Free eBooks: The Ultimate Guide: another guide to free e-books.

Choose Your Story: a community built around writing original gamebooks.


ProFantasy Software Ltd.: Creators of Campaign Cartographer, the program that created Michael Hahn's replacement maps that appeared in the Internet Editions

QML: Quest Markup Language is a free XML-based gamebook system that allows even the XML uninitiated to distribute their own games.


Books for Keeps magazine interviewed Joe Dever for their July 1984 edition and reviewed the first two Lone Wolf books.

Lone Wolf playthrough A reader is narrating a playthrough of the Lone Wolf books!