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Project Aon is only possible because of the goodwill of the fans of Lone Wolf. Please help us to continue our work by volunteering or making a financial donation.

Volunteer Work

We're all volunteers here. This means that we can provide our work free of charge. This also means that Project Aon lives and dies based on the talents of our volunteers and how much time they can give.

If you would like to help, welcome aboard! It helps to have the books and other resources, but anyone can contribute if they look for an opportunity. Make a job for yourself or help someone else in their job. Self-motivation is highly recommended. Visit the Sanctum to join the project volunteers' mailing list. The How-to's can be especially helpful in learning what we do on a regular basis. The Help Wanted section of the Forum and our Wish List will provide some positions that we need volunteers to fill. If you are self-motivated and would like to help, please contact us and express your willingness to help.

We encourage everyone to give us feedback of any type, whether or not you can help more directly. Readers' eagle eyes have caught errors that we missed. Documented interest in this project could be a huge boon to the Lone Wolf series, even to the extent of opening the possiblity of republishing the books in traditional format.

Monetary Donations

There is never an obligation to pay for access to any of Project Aon's site. All of the books and related materials are available free of charge.

We try to keep our expenses to a minimum, but there are costs associated with maintaining this website: web hosting, and domain name registration costs are among these. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help share these costs. If you cannot, please enjoy our services without guilt. If you can, you have a couple of options from which to choose: purchases of books from and direct donations through PayPal. Thank you for your help!

* All monetary donations will be received in care of Jonathan Blake, Project Aon's coordinator, with oversight from the other volunteers. Funds will be used at his sole discretion to cover Project Aon's expenses. Funds in excess of those needed will be donated to a worthy, third-party charity that works to promote literacy.

Project Aon is a member of the associates program. By visiting through this link and purchasing a product, a portion of the sale price will be sent to Project Aon.*

Direct Donations

If you would prefer to make a direct donation without purchasing a book, we accept donations through PayPal.* You can donate by debit or credit card.

Thank you to all of the donors listed below and to the many anonymous donors who have helped us with their financial contributions.

Kai Supreme Master ($500 or more total)

Tressa Loya

Kai Grand Master ($100-499 total)

Alejandro Sapiens
Demetrio W. ☀☀
Jake McCarthy
L. Douglas Silverman
Nicolas Mougin
Steve Tomalin

Kai Master ($40-99 total)

Ιων ο Βερροιευς
Alan Budde
Allen Chen
Ana Mardoll
Damián Drimer
Fabien-Pierre Nicolas
Geoff White
Jon Broz
Jonathan Stark
Nico Vignoli
Ray Witham
Ronan Spyro
Simon Mostert ☀☀
Skenderax ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀
Stuart Lloyd

Kai Lord

Albert Dassen
Andrew "Brewin" Drage
Christopher Sims
Chris "Truman" Banco
Christian "Knallfrosch" Lietz
Claus Jahrmarkt
Fabrizio Foschi
F. Pausewang
Francesco Dinh ☀
Jacob Phoenix Fightmaster
Jamie Wakefield
Jason Michels ☀☀☀☀☀
Jeff Lawley
Joachim Jungner ☀
Joe Jack
Jos Kalisvaart
Josh Solomon
Joshua Rodman
Kristian Hållstrand
Manuel Montosi
Marco Falletti
Marios Damoulianos
Matt Johnston
Matthew Shaver
Nicholas Jankowski
Oliver Ebrahimi-Nuyken
Paul Haskell
Rachel Alvarez
Ramesh Gopal
Ramon Lourido
Raymond Rivera
Rick Evans
Robert Schulte
Roman Kalik
Steve Knight
Stefan Schulz
Quentin Oppermann
Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam
Zacharias Chun-Pong Leung
Zhijing Xu