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Action Chart

The Action Chart is a set of tables which contain all information about your character such as items carried, skills possessed, etc. The Action Chart can take many forms. You may use a specialized program to help you keep track of character statistics. You may use a spreadsheet document. You may print out the Action Chart that appears in the Internet Editions of the books and fill in the blanks. As you become familiar with the rules, you may want to create your own by hand on paper. The method you choose doesn't matter as long as you're comfortable with it.


(Backpack Item) The leaves of the Adgana plant are a potent narcotic popular among the warriors of Magnamund. When dried, crushed, and eaten, they provide a potent enhancement to COMBAT SKILL for the duration of a fight, but at a high potential cost.

Use of Adgana will grant a bonus of +6 COMBAT SKILL for the duration of a fight when first used (i.e. all combats listed in a single numbered section). Immediately upon completing the combat, you must pick a number from the Random Number Table. If that number is either a 0 or a 1, you have become addicted to Adgana, and must reduce your ENDURANCE score permanently by 4 points.

Regardless of whether addiction is suffered on the first use or not, future doses of Adgana will provide a bonus of only +3 COMBAT SKILL. Addiction must still be checked for at the end of a combat, but now occurs on a pick of 0, 1, 2, or 3 from the Random Number Table.


(Backpack Item) This plant is common throughout much of Magnamund. Its orange berries are renowned for their ability to improve combat prowess either when eaten whole or when the juice of the crushed berries is drunk. Alether potions or berries typically provide a bonus of +2 COMBAT SKILL for the duration of a single fight, but the amount of the bonus is always specified when you find the item. Very rarely, Alether might be found in a concentrated or distilled form, which provides a +4 COMBAT SKILL bonus. It is uncertain whether or not Alether's effects should last for a single enemy or for all enemies in one numbered section.

Ammo Pouch

In Freeway Warrior your Ammo Pouch is used to carry the spare ammunition for use in your ranged weapons. This ammo is in addition to that currently loaded in your ranged weapons. The maximum quantity of spare ammo you can carry depends upon the type, your ammo pouch contains 40 "slots"; 9mm rounds occupy 1 slot, 7.62mm rounds take up 2, 12-gauge rounds use 4. This effectively means a maximum of 40 pistol rounds can be carried, OR 20 rifle rounds, OR 10 shotgun rounds. While it is possible to mix ammunition types, you can never exceed these 40 "slots".


There is an interesting blind spot in the rules regarding armour which increases your ENDURANCE (e.g. Chainmail Waistcoats and Padded Leather Waistcoats). For example, if you are wearing a piece of armour that gives you a 4 ENDURANCE point bonus and your current ENDURANCE point score is less than or equal to 4, what happens if you lose or discard the armour? Your ENDURANCE score has fallen to zero or below, so strictly speaking, you should be dead. This doesn't mesh well with reality, so use your best judgement.

Other types of armour found in the books are the Bronin Vest, the Kagonite Chainmail, and the Silver Bracers.

The following table shows which types of armour can be worn in conjunction with other types. O indicates an acceptable combination; X indicates an unacceptable combination.

Bronin Vest\XOOO
Chainmail WaistcoatXXOOO
Kagonite ChainmailOO\OO
Padded LeatherOOOXO
Silver BracersOOOO\


(Weapon carried in the hand)


(Special Item carried in a Quiver) This item is carried in a Quiver and so doesn't take up any more space as a Weapon or Special Item than the Quiver required to carry it. You must possess an Arrow in order to use a Bow.