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Healing provides the ability to cure minor diseases, heal injuries and wounds, and provide a steady restoration of ENDURANCE when not involved in combat. This ENDURANCE restoration is cumulative with any instruction to restore ENDURANCE given in the text. There is some uncertainty as to what kind of ENDURANCE losses can be restored by this Discipline and its enhancements. The Kai series described Healing as effective against 'ENDURANCE points lost in combat.' This implies that losses due to missed Meals and other non-combat losses are not curable using Healing. The description of Curing in the Magnakai series does not contain this restriction. The descriptions of Curing in the Grand Master and New Order series do contain this restriction however. Curing is described in these series as being effective against ENDURANCE points lost as a result of combat.

Strict adherence to the rules would dictate that only ENDURANCE lost in combat can be restored using Healing and its improved derivatives: Curing and Deliverance. Common sense says that wounds similar to those sustained in combat can also be healed, but ENDURANCE lost due to hunger, fatigue, etc. cannot. You might also consider that Healing cannot be used in sections in which you are wounded, even if it is not during combat.

Lone Wolf Club Newsletter Summer Special 1987 clarifies: "If you have completed all five of the Basic [Kai] series books you can [continue to] add +1 ENDURANCE as per the rules of Healing [even without selecting the Discipline of Curing]. This advantage will benefit all those Kai Masters who have completed the Basic series books prior to tackling the Magnakai series."

Lone Wolf Club Newsletter #8 further clarifies: "Kai mastery of Curing gives the same +1 ENDURANCE point back (for every section through which you pass without combat) as does the basic Kai Discipline of Healing. The mastery advantage comes with the ability to cure disease, blindness and combat wounds, as well as being able to identify the properties of herbs, roots and potions. Additional advantages are gained at higher rank as the Magnakai Discipline improves." Therefore, Healing/Curing bonuses do not stack. Lone Wolf cannot use Healing and Curing to get +2 ENDURANCE points back per section without combat.

The Improved Disciplines section of Book 12: The Masters of Darkness states: "Archmasters are able to use their healing power to repair serious wounds sustained in battle. If, whilst in combat, their ENDURANCE is reduced to 6 points or less, they can use their skill to restore 20 ENDURANCE points. This ability can only be used once every 100 days." The easiest way to apply this is to assume it is flavour text meaning "once per adventure". The Grand Master Discipline of Deliverance supercedes this, dropping the time limit down to once every 20 days. Some might therefore argue that this Magnakai Curing ability can only be used once during Book 17: The Deathlord of Ixia and Book 18: Dawn of the Dragons, since one occurs immediately after the other. The time between the other Grand Master books is more vague, and it can easily be assumed that 100 days passes between the adventures. On the other hand, because 20 days is not a lot of game-time, a Grand Master with the Discipline of Deliverance would be able to use their advanced ability in any adventure, but still only once. There is no official ruling on this.

Furthermore, Lone Wolf Club Newsletter #28 adds: "The +1 EP bonus gained when passing through combatless sections does still apply [in the Grand Master books], but only if you have played and survived the Magnakai series books. Joe Dever intended this as a "hidden loyalty bonus" for readers who had played the earlier books, which is why it was omitted from the Grand Master rules."


(Special Item worn on the head) This Special Item is a type of armour. It will give you a 2 point ENDURANCE bonus. It may be worn in conjunction with all other types of armour except for, obviously, any other Helmets.


(Special Item) This Weapon is the sword of Darklord Kraagenskûl, fashioned in the fiery furnaces of Helgedad. It is a wholly black sword, a black so dense that looking at it is akin to looking at the void. When used in combat the black sword is set ablaze with tongues of black fire and adds 5 points to your COMBAT SKILL, 7 points when used against a Darklord of Helgedad, and 12 points if used in Helgedad itself. However, the blade will instill the need to kill in its user's mind. Prolonged use of this evil blade will weaken your ENDURANCE score. In the second and subsequent rounds of every combat in which you use the sword, you must reduce your ENDURANCE level by 1 point. Since it is a Special Item and not a Weapon, Helshezag does not count towards your limit of two Weapons (see Lone Wolf Club Newsletter Summer Special 1985). Helshezag was an homage to Moorcock's Stormbringer (see Lone Wolf Club Newsletter #27).

Herb Pouch

Carried by those skilled in the Wizard's Power of Alchemy (or the Higher Magick of Theurgy), it is used to carry the raw materials necessary to use this power. Contrary to what is stated in Grey Star the Wizard, the Herb Pouch can carry eight items (see Lone Wolf Club Newsletter: Summer Special 1986). You automatically receive a Herb Pouch at the start of your adventure when selecting Alchemy (or Theurgy) as a new Magical Power. You may choose to keep potions, vials, or ingredients in either the Herb Pouch or your Backpack. All other Backpack Items must be kept in your Backpack.

Hunting / Huntmastery

The Kai Discipline allows Lone Wolf to avoid penalties for requiring food during an adventure. In practise, Hunting may not be used in lieu of a Meal in the Wildlands (parts of Book 2: Fire on the Water), anywhere in Kalte (Book 3: The Caverns of Kalte), along Raider's Road or in the Maaken mines (Book 4: The Chasm of Doom), or anywhere in The Dry Main (Book 5: Shadow on the Sand). The Improved Magnakai Discipline of Huntmastery allows Lone Wolf to avoid the penalties of missing a meal in any setting presented in the Magnakai series unless specifically stated. Similarly, Grand Huntmastery can be used in lieu of eating a Meal in the Grand Master or New Order series except where the text specifically says otherwise.

Lone Wolf Club Newsletter #10 also says: "All Kai Masters who have completed one or more of the Lone Wolf 'Basic' [Kai] Books (1–5) can benefit from their experience [in using Hunting in lieu of a Meal during the Magnakai books without taking Huntmastery]. This will give them a real advantage over those who have tried only one or more of the Magnakai series books (6–12)."

Additionally, Lone Wolf Club Newsletter Summer Special 1985 confirms: "As regards to Meals, you can by-pass eating a Meal during a journey by vehicle if you have Hunting. We assume that the coach must stop at some time to allow for 'calls of nature', if nothing else!"