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The Caverns of Kalte

by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk (illustrator)

You are Lone Wolf—last of the Kai Lords. You have defeated the Darklords and saved your land from their devastation. But Vonotar the Traitor has escaped to the frozen wastes of Kalte and now rules over the Ice Barbarians. Your people demand that Vonotar be made to pay for his treachery. So great is the outcry that the King is obliged to promise that the evil traitor will be brought back to Holmgard, and made to stand trial for his crimes. For you, Lone Wolf, the King's promise is the start of a quest that will pit you against a hated foe, deep within the dangerous Caverns of Kalte.

book revised 28th October 2012

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hardcover hardcover Collector's Edition — also available directly from Mongoose Publishing  
kindle interactive ebook edition of The Caverns of Kalte adventure for the Kindle that keeps track of game stats for you (available only in the U.S.)  

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Other readers have generously contributed their time and expertise to provide the following:

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statskeeper an application that helps you keep track of game statistics in your web browser
(by Chalit Noonchoo)
built-in action chart another helpful (appropriately named) application that helps you keep track of game statistics in your web browser
(by Eric Zollman)

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