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Grey Star the Wizard

by Ian Page (author) and Joe Dever (editor) and Paul Bonner (illustrator)

In the World of Lone Wolf a new hero has arisen--Grey Star the Wizard

You are Grey Star. From the core of a raging storm you appeared—a human child, ship-wrecked and orphaned, a gift of hope to the exiled Shianti sorcerers. Ever since that fateful night they have raised you as one of their own, teaching you the mysteries of their magic in preparation for an epic quest.

The time has now come. You must find the legendary Moonstone and with its power crush the evil Wytch-king of Shadaki. For only you can save the land of your birth from the cruel grip of his empire. But be warned! Ahead lies a terrifying journey into the unknown where survival or death confronts you with every turn of the page.

book revised 28th October 2012

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