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Dead in the Deep

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Grand Master Steel Hand, a powerful warrior of the New Order Kai, has disappeared in the ruins of the ancient Lyrisian city of Emolyria, which teeters on the brink of Maakengorge. This accursed place has become the largest mustering point for the servants of the Dark God Naar. In Dead in the Deep, you must enter Emolyria’s vast dungeons unnoticed. The Brotherhood of the Crystal Star and the Sages of Varetta can help to clear the path, but you alone must walk it. In the depths of the Chasm of Doom lies a terrible but forgotten power. Burning and hungry, it is fed by the endless pain of the Restless Dead, making ready to rise from the Maakengorge and consume the Freelands of Magnamund. What dark secrets will you uncover in the abyss? Will you find your brother Kai alive? Will you succeed where he has failed?

Note: Project Aon has not been licensed to publish the text of this book, and there are no plans to do so. This page is for informational purposes only.


Collector's Edition also featuring the bonus adventure The Kaum Before the Storm, by August Hahn.