Project Aon

Lone Wolf Originals

Lone Wolf Originals contains never before seen design elements of some of the Lone Wolf books. Included are scans of surviving copies of the original drawings Joe Dever made of the maps that appear at the front of the books; this artwork was then sent on to the artists involved who drew the published illustration. This includes the colour map that should have been included in The Hunger of Sejanoz, but was never used, the map from the preceding book being reused in error by the publishers. The colour maps of Northern and Southern Magnamund date from 1979, and are the oldest maps of Magnamund in existence.

Also included is a poster advertising the release of Flight from the Dark, with full-colour artwork by Gary Chalk depicting the original 1984 cover for Flight from the Dark. The full version of a piece of Brian Williams’ full-colour cover art is also contained herein (The Sword of the Sun), as is one of Melvyn Grant’s (California Countdown), and two pre-release pieces of Peter Andrew Jones’ full-colour cover art (Eclipse of the Kai and The Sacrifice of Ruanon) as well as the full artwork for Dawn of the Dragons.

The second half of this document is dedicated to The Cauldron of Fear, and documents Joe’s preliminary notes and design, as well as presenting all twenty of Brian Williams’ original rough sketches. Also included are a couple of pieces of correspondence between the parties involved, part of which is a (very) rough initial draft of Fred Gambino’s original cover for the 1986 Beaver Books edition, complete with added notes.

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Author: Joe Dever
Illustrators: Gary Chalk, Fred Gambino, Melvyn Grant, Peter Andrew Jones, Brian Williams

Project Aon (12 th September 2005)

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