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Lone Wolf Replacement Art

When the fledgling Project Aon released its first few online editions of the books in 2000–2002, none of the original illustrators had been contacted. This could have caused major problems, since most of the Lone Wolf books instruct the reader to turn to the map before making certain decisions. There were also many references to the Action Chart. It was decided that in lieu of Gary Chalk's original artwork, Michael Hahn, a member of the project, would use the Campaign Cartographer software to create approximations of these all-important maps for Books 1–8, based as closely as possible on Gary Chalk's original artwork.

Another artistic member, the prolific J.C. Alvarez, designed the Action Charts that appear in the current Project Aon releases, but he also drew many pieces of line-art for use in Flight from the Dark and ''Fire on the Water''.

More recently, before artist Paul Bonner—the illustrator of the World of Lone Wolf (Grey Star) books—had been contacted, Project Aon contributor Christopher Lundgren drew a replacement map, as well as small illustrations for use in the Magical Powers section, and one numbered section, for use in the Grey Star books. We are also including his previously unpublished illustrations for the Higher Magicks from ''War of the Wizards''.

Project Aon is now in a position where the original artists have been contacted, and their artwork has been restored to the online editions, but it seemed a shame to discard these fan-made illustrations after so much time and effort had obviously been spent on their creation, so we have decided to bring all this work together in this document to showcase the artistic talents of members of Project Aon.

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Illustrators: J.C. Alvarez, Michael Hahn, Christopher Lundgren

Project Aon (5th September 2005)

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