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Holmgard Press Publishes Trail of the Wolf (LW 25)

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, Ben Devere and the good folks at Holmgard Press recently published the latest Collector’s Edition, Trail of the Wolf (Lone Wolf 25).

Lone Wolf has been abducted! Imprisoned in a remote city-fortress on the border of the Darklands by the minions of the Dark God Naar, the Supreme Master of the Kai is surely doomed to die.

In Trail of the Wolf, you must venture alone into the dreaded stronghold of Gazad Helkona to find and free your leader. Can you succeed in your vital mission… or will you fall foul of the horrors that lurk within this Darklands city-fortress?

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In Memory of Paul Barnett (John Grant)

The sad news has reached us that Paul Barnett died unexpectedly and too soon on February 3, 2020.

Known to most of us by his pen name, John Grant, he wrote the Legends of Lone Wolf series of novellas that brought greater depth to the stories we knew from the Lone Wolf gamebooks. He was the prodigious author of over 70 books and won two Hugo awards among many other honors.

On a personal note, whenever I had the chance to interact with him, I always found him warm and genuine. As a young reader, I truly enjoyed his vision of the Lone Wolf story despite it being in many ways different and challenging. I will always remember his captivating portrayal of Vonotar the Traitor as an arrogant, impetuous heretic of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star.

Paul, your life and your quest end here, but you will not soon be forgotten.

Update: Locus Online obituary

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Lone Wolf 29: The Storms of Chai published!

Happy New Year! We’ve published Lone Wolf 29: The Storms of Chai on the Project Aon website.

The Forces of Darkness have launched a coordinated assault upon the Free Nations of Magnamund. Their intentions are clear: to overwhelm and annihilate them before an effective counter-offensive can be undertaken.

In The Storms of Chai, your mission is one of seven that Kai Supreme Master Lone Wolf has initiated to turn back this unprecedented tide of evil before it engulfs all the goodly nations of Magnamund forever.

Will you succeed in your vital quest to retrieve the Eye of Agarash from the city of Pensei and bring it back safely to the Kai Monastery of Lorn, or will you fall victim to the powerful Nadziran Zashnor and the terrible creatures at his command?

You might notice that we have redesigned the standard edition for this new book to modernize it and make it more mobile-friendly. As with all significant changes, we might have introduced new problems. If you experience any issues, please help us by telling us what went wrong.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

The Project Aon volunteers

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Lone Wolf 30: Dead in the Deep

The newest book in the series, Dead in the Deep, has been published in English by Joe Dever’s son Ben 35 years after the first publication of Flight from the Dark. It is available for purchase from the new home of Holmgard Press at

Grand Master Steel Hand, a powerful warrior of the New Order Kai, has disappeared in the ruins of the ancient Lyrisian city of Emolyria, which teeters on the brink of Maakengorge. This accursed place has become the largest mustering point for the servants of the Dark God Naar.
In Dead in the Deep, you must enter Emolyria’s vast dungeons unnoticed. The Brotherhood of the Crystal Star and the Sages of Varetta can help to clear the path, but you alone must walk it. In the depths of the Chasm of Doom lies a terrible but forgotten power. Burning and hungry, it is fed by the endless pain of the Restless Dead, making ready to rise from the Maakengorge and consume the Freelands of Magnamund. What dark secrets will you uncover in the abyss? Will you find your brother Kai alive? Will you succeed where he has failed?

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

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In case you missed it, the Lone Wolf AR game launched last year and now they’ve announced a competition asking players to post screenshots, videos, or even memes of their in-action gameplay to the Lone Wolf AR Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

IT’S TIME TO PLAY #LoneWolfARPostcard IN YOUR CITY! Download the app on Itunes or Android and upload the best gameplay screenshots or videos for a chance to win AMAZING PRIZES up for grabs!

Visit our website for full T&C’s and SIGN UP to get the tips and tricks.

PLAY ENDS: 1 March 2019

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Lone Wolf AR Sneak Peek

[More news about the Lone Wolf AR mobile app leading up to the 2018 Lucca Comics and Games festival. -jb]

Exciting news for Lone Wolf fans, here is the first sneak peek of the demo for #LoneWolfAR, the world’s first augmented reality fantasy role playing game for mobile, based on Joe Dever’s incredible series. LonewolfAR launches at Lucca Comics and Games festival on Wednesday for 5 days with adventures around the Lucca festival site, including Giaks to battle, druids to outsmart, magic to cast, Lone Wolf characters to meet and puzzles to solve. Get your app here and follow all the #LoneWolfARLucca on Facebook.

Lone Wolf AR – UK press release

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Lone Wolf AR

[Joe Dever’s son, Ben, has asked me to pass along this announcement about Lone Wolf AR.]

Hi Lone Wolf fans!

We’re proud and excited to finally be able to announce the Lone Wolf AR game! The world’s first augmented reality RPG for outdoor mobile.

The beta version will be launched at Lucca Games Festival at the end of the month, with lots more developments to come before then.

If you’d like to hear the news first you can follow us through social media links below or sign up on the website for updates and future competitions! #LoneWolfAR

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Numerous Small Fixes

Over the years, we’ve made numerous small fixes to the books behind the scenes that never made their way to the books on our website. We have now published completely up-to-date editions of all the books in the Lone Wolf, World of Lone Wolf, and Freeway Warrior series.

Saol Kaltmarn! For Sommerlund and the Kai!

Jonathan Blake
Project Aon

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Good News Regarding Lone Wolf 30: Dead in the Deep

Vincent Lazzari just posted encouraging news about Lone Wolf 30: Dead in the Deep.

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Lucca Comics Creates the Joe Dever Award

In honor of Joe’s memory, Lucca Comics has announced the creation of the Joe Dever Award. Per Sommerlund e per i Ramas!

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