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In Memory of Paul Barnett (John Grant)

The sad news has reached us that Paul Barnett died unexpectedly and too soon on February 3, 2020.

Known to most of us by his pen name, John Grant, he wrote the Legends of Lone Wolf series of novellas that brought greater depth to the stories we knew from the Lone Wolf gamebooks. He was the prodigious author of over 70 books and won two Hugo awards among many other honors.

On a personal note, whenever I had the chance to interact with him, I always found him warm and genuine. As a young reader, I truly enjoyed his vision of the Lone Wolf story despite it being in many ways different and challenging. I will always remember his captivating portrayal of Vonotar the Traitor as an arrogant, impetuous heretic of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star.

Paul, your life and your quest end here, but you will not soon be forgotten.

Update: Locus Online obituary

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