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In Memory of Paul Barnett (John Grant)

The sad news has reached us that Paul Barnett died unexpectedly and too soon on February 3, 2020. Known to most of us by his pen name, John Grant, he wrote the Legends of Lone Wolf series of novellas that brought greater depth to the stories we knew from the Lone Wolf gamebooks. He was […]

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Interview of Paul Barnett

Not directly Lone Wolf related, but thought you might be interested to tune in to an upcoming interview of Paul Barnett (a.k.a John Grant, author of the Legends novels) about his book Denying Science.

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Link Bomb, October 2010

I come across websites that may interest Lone Fans in my random wanderings or because someone shared the link with me. Here’s the latest crop: John Grant (Paul Barnett) was interviewed by fellow author, Chris Redding. Joe Dever took extensive photographs of a wargame he participated in which was “inspired by the retreat to, and […]

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Legends Republished!

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the Lone Wolf film project, we learn that Legends of Lone Wolf, the novelizations, will be republished! We can look forward to director’s cuts—so to speak—of the novels in omnibus form beginning early next year. Update: You can also read an official press release.

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Thog’s Blog

I just stumbled on Paul Barnett’s LiveJournal. He’s the author of the Legends of Lone Wolf novelizations. His nom de plume is John Grant.

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