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Link Bomb, October 2010

I come across websites that may interest Lone Fans in my random wanderings or because someone shared the link with me. Here’s the latest crop:

John Grant (Paul Barnett) was interviewed by fellow author, Chris Redding.

Joe Dever took extensive photographs of a wargame he participated in which was “inspired by the retreat to, and subsequent battle of, Corunna (January 16th 1809)”.

Mei De Koh, a developer on the canceled Ksatria project, has gathered up some YouTube archeology that proves the project happened.

Amiga Games that Weren’t interviewed Ian Upton who worked on the Mirror of Death, a Lone Wolf computer game.

Here’s a profile of Joe Dever, nothing new but you get what you pay for.

Until next time…

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

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