Project Aon

Electronic Books

Reading Project Aon's books in e-books

Project Aon makes an effort to provides some of its content in formats suitable for electronic book (e-book) readers such as Amazon's Kindle, Sony Reader, or Barnes & Noble's Nook (just to mention a few). In order to read a specific book in your reader, download the file corresponding to the format that your reader supports from its Books page and load it in your device.


The e-books we provide:

  • Include links that makes it possible to navigate between sections when making choices.
  • Include meta-data to make it possible to sort them in your e-reader or favorite e-book management application.
  • Include links to external sites, if your e-book reader can connect to the Internet and has a web browser you will be able to access additional information.

How to read using an e-book

You need to have a pen and paper chart along with you while you read. You can use Project Aon's Action Chart Pack and print from it the Action Chart of the books you are going to read. You will need the chart to keep track of the items you find, your endurance points and combats.

You also need to have a 10 sided dice or the Random Number Table printed to play combat and run random rolls when required in the book.

Known issues and limitations

A list of known issues is included below. We are making an effort to fixing these when possible. But please note that some are limitations of the e-book formats or readers that we are unable to fix.

  • The books are not interactive (see below)
  • Navigation is sometimes a little unclear. This is because page length and font size are variable with device settings, some books sections might wrap to a second page. In some sections the page might split between section choices and you might not be aware (unless you change pages) that there are additional choices available.
  • Some books include links to other books. This linking does not work.
  • The titles of the illustrations sometimes span multiple lines instead of showing in one single line.
  • Depending on the e-book device, images are not always scaled properly. In some e-book readers images are not even rendered correctly at all.
  • The map included in the books is quite large and not scrollable in some e-book readers. The map is of limited utility in those e-book readers that do not allow zooming or panning of large images.

We encourage you to contact us and report any features you find based on your own experience. When reporting issues, please indicate which e-book reader (device or software) are you using.

Available formats

We try to provide some of the most common formats. If you own an e-book reader which does not read any of the formats the project provides you can still use an e-book management application, such as Calibre, to convert the files we provide into other formats. This application is actually the one we use to automatically convert from our base format (ePub) to other e-book reader formats. If you own a common e-book reader that we haven't covered, you may also want to request that we add your reader's e-book format to our list.

Please take into account that:

  • the e-book files provided are generated in a programmatic way and might differ from the Internet Editions we publish at the web site in HTML format
  • we are unable to test ourselves all of the different e-book formats in all of the possible e-book readers

We encourage you to contact us and provide feedback (positive or negative) on these books. We will do our best to try to bring the wonderful experience of reading and playing our favorite adventures to these devices.

Common questions (FAQ)

Q: Are these e-books interactive?

No, these e-books provide a similar experience to reading the books in paper. To keep track of the characters and to roll dice you will still need external tools.
If you wish an interactive experience, and your e-book reader supports HTML content or can browse the web, you might be able to use the StatsKeeper program in your e-book reader.
If you use Amazon's Kindle device, live in the US, and wish to play the books interactively we encourage you to purchase the interactive e-book edition that keeps track of game stats for you. You will find a link to the Kindle editions in each of the published Books, whenever available.
A portion of your Amazon purchase price helps Project Aon to share the world of Lone Wolf with long-time fans and with new generations of readers. See Help Us for details.

Q: Will you support XYZ e-book format?

We build files for some of the most common e-book formats we know of. If you have an uncommon reader and you do not find files for the format your e-book reader supports, we encourage you to use external tools, such as Calibre, to convert the e-book files into the format you desire. Make sure to use the ePub files in this case.

Q: Can I redistribute these files or the ones I've generated myself?

Please read the Project Aon License, which basically states that you are entitled to use these Internet publications for personal use only, that redistribution in any form isn't permitted.

Q: Why do you not provide the original covers of the published books?

As indicated in the FAQ there are several reasons why the original full-colour cover artwork is not included in the e-book files we provide. The main one is that we do not have permission from many of the cover illustrators to use their work.
We have decided to provide a cover selecting one relevant illustration of each one the books. We hope this doesn't lessen your enjoyment of the books.

Q: I cannot use these e-book files, are there any alternatives?

Reading the Books we provide using these e-book files is not the only option for owners of e-book readers. Depending non your e-book reader capabilities you have other options:
  • If you reader is capable of browsing web content you can read our Books directly using the HTML content we provide.
  • If your e-book reader does not incorporate a web browser, but is is capable of reading HTML content directly, you can use the simplified (single-page edition with illustrations) or simpler (single-page edition without illustrations) files we provide.
For e-book devices with a full HTML browser, you might even be able to load in your reader the HTML content we provide as well as dynamic content. That might provide you the same interactive experience you can get with your computer and prevent you from needing a pen & paper in order to play the books. If so, you might want to look into the StatsKeeper or JavaScript Action Charts programs and use the offline or online content we provide to play the books interactively.

Q: How do you generate these files?

Conversion to e-book reader formats is done generating a standard ePub format programatically based on our XML base format. We then use Calibre's command-line interface to convert the files into other common formats.