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by Joe Dever and Brian Williams (illustrator)

The Claw of Naar is the evil wand of power used by Agarash the Damned during his ancient conquest of Magnamund. Legend held that it had been lost forever in the molten ruins of Naaros, but now it has resurfaced, and its dread return heralds a dawn of disaster for the peaceable nations of Magnamund. Your allies, the wise wizards of the Elder Magi, have the power and the means to destroy the accursed Claw. But they do not possess it. In Vampirium, you must venture into the hostile land of Bhanar and snatch the Claw from the clutches of the evil Autarch Sejanoz. Can you deliver the Claw safely to the Elder Magi … or will you be destroyed by the terrifying wrath of the vampire lord Sejanoz?

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