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Lone Wolf Club Newsletters

Back in 1984, within months of the publication of Flight From the Dark, the Lone Wolf gamebooks had become bestsellers. But in those days, there was no Internet for readers to connect on, so if you wanted to share your enthusiasm for the world of Magnamund, what could you do? If you were lucky, you might find a few other kids in your class at school who liked the books — but there was another way.

Tucked away at the back of each gamebook was an advertisement for The Lone Wolf Club, "offering you exciting opportunities to become further involved in Lone Wolf activities". For the modest price of a few pounds, you could become a member of the Lone Wolf Club for a year at a time. Three or four times a year (you could never be sure exactly when), the postman would deliver a big brown envelope through your letterbox. Inside would be a dozen or so photocopied pages of the Lone Wolf Club Newsletter.

Each would contain a tantalizing selection of info about Lone Wolf. Sometimes it told where the next book would be set with an advance preview of its The Story So Far section and an order form so you could purchase a signed copy hot off the presses (saving endless trips to your local bookshop to see if it had come out yet). Sometimes it would have a few pages of readers' letters asking some of those questions about how the rules were meant to work that had always puzzled you (could you use Healing and Curing both at once?) or wanting to know more of the back story of one of the monsters (just how many Darklords were there, what were their names, and what were their COMBAT SKILL and ENDURANCE points?). Sometimes there were competitions for prizes, fan fiction, and a page of Pen Pals where Lone Wolf fans would exchange names and addresses and write letters to each other on bits of paper!

No Lone Wolf fan's life was complete without the Lone Wolf Club Newsletters.

The last newsletter was mailed out in November of 1995, just a short while before Lone Wolf hit it big on this new thing called the World Wide Web, but they remain a fascinating and important source of information about Magnamund. Enjoy!

To download all the Lone Wolf Club Newsletters in one file (103 MiB):

After an extensive search and a lot of help from fellow Lone Wolf fans, every page of the thirty-seven Lone Wolf Club Newsletters is now present and correct. Unless there was a Club Newsletter #31, we now we declare this archive complete.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

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