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Scarlet Sorcerer

Scarlet Sorcerer

by Joe Dever and Peter Parr? (illustrator)

Scarlet Sorcerer contains two separate action-packed adventures. One you play by yourself, the other you play with a copy of the twin book, Emerald Enchanter, and a friend.

Solo adventure
You need: Scarlet Sorcerer only

You are the Scarlet Sorcerer, star pupil of the mighty wizard Silvarion. You helped your master steal the evil Deathlord’s most treasured possession—his Power Crystal. Unluckily, the theft was discovered almost immediately and your master murdered by Deathlord assassins. So where is the Power Crystal now? Can you unravel the cryptic clues left by your wizard master and reach the precious stone before the cruel Deathlord?

Dual adventure
You need: Scarlet Sorcerer, Emerald Enchanter, and a friend!

High above the grasslands and plains of Thorasia, you desperately battle against your arch-rival—the Emerald Enchanter—for he too seeks the Power Crystal. Skilfully manoeuvring your magical skyship, you strive to shoot him down. But the Emerald Enchanter is a wily assailant and you’ll need every ounce of your strength to defeat him.

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