Project Aon

The Cauldron of Fear

by Joe Dever and Brian Williams (illustrator)

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While on your quest, word has reached you that Sommerlund has suffered a great defeat at the city of Ruanon, but morale among your people remains high. Boldly, your homeland continues its valiant fight against the evil forces of the Darklords. The messenger who has delivered this news also informs you that the King himself has ordered a skyship placed in your command and has awarded you the rank of Warmarshall of the Royal Estates. You proudly accept the use of the skyship as well as the two platinum badges that signify your new rank. You are now the youngest general in the Sommerlund army. But once again you must continue with your quest. You are the last hope for the rebirth of the Kai! Ahead lies the greatest danger you have ever faced.…

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