Project Aon

The Jungle of Horrors

by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk (illustrator)

You are Lone Wolf. Sworn to avenge your forefathers, the Kai Lords, you must now venture into the dreaded jungle-swamps of the Danarg. Guided by Lord Paido, warrior-magician of Dessi, you begin your trek across the violent and war-torn lands of Talestria on your secret mission to capture the prized Lorestone of Ohrido. You must survive in fearsome battle the assassins of Gnaag, the armies of the dreaded Warlord Zegron and the chaos-creatures of Agarash the Damned. But nothing must stop you now, for if you fail the Lorestone of Ohrido will be lost forever and vengeance will escape your grasp.…

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