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The Magnamund Companion

The Magnamund Companion

Joe Dever
Rob Adams?
Gary Chalk
Richard Hook?
Peter Lyon?
Graham Round?

The Magnamund Companion is a superb, fully illustrated guide to the fantastic world of Magnamund—a must for all fans of solo gamebooks, role-playing games, and sword and sorcery adventures.

There's full background detail on all the characters in the award-winning Lone Wolf books, as well as exciting history and beautifully detailed colour maps. Other features include:

  • Modelling Magnamund—A practical guide with full-colour photographs to building models of this incredible world
  • The Giak Tongue—How to speak, write, and read the language of the cruel Darklord warriors
  • Ragadorn Tavern—A self-contained role-playing board game
  • Dawn of the Darklords—A thrilling solo adventure in which you are the hero!

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