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Rune War

by Joe Dever and Brian Williams (illustrator)

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Evil Lord Vandyan of Eldenora has unearthed the lost secrets of rune magics used by Agarash the Damned during his ancient conquest of Magnamund. Empowered by his discoveries, Vandyan unleashes his armies upon the peaceful realms of the Free Alliance with swift and devastating effect. Lone Wolf, Supreme Master of the Kai, leads the crusade to defeat Vandyan before all Magnamund succumbs to his tyrannical rule. In Rune War, your task is to infiltrate Skull-Tor, Lord Vandyan's stronghold, and destroy the ancient runes from which he draws his evil power. Can you succeed in your vital mission . . . or will you fall foul of the traps and terrors that guard the warlord's mighty fortress?

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