Project Aon

24: Rune War

Pending (Not Errata)

(er)Many:on to -> onto (REJECTED: 18, 199 [move on to]; 45, 76, 86, 203, 296, 335 [opens on to]; 80 [hang on to]; 230 [goes on to])
(FIXED: 342 [climbs onto]; 100 [yourself onto]; 24, 84, 343 [down onto]; 99, 121, 153, 216, 234, 318 [out onto]; 124, 155 [hurled onto]; 163 [back onto]; 234, 272, 318 [horse onto]; 234, 272, 318 [ride onto the raft]; 234, 272, 318 [ride...onto a road])
(er)The Story So Far:MS5075 -> MS5070
(er)The Story So Far:elite -> élite
(er)The Story So Far:been posed to -> been poised to [RW]
(er)The Story So Far:monastery of the Kai -> Monastery of the Kai
(er)The Story So Far:the Monastery -> the monastery
(er)The Story So Far:land-locked -> landlocked
(er)The Story So Far:agarashi -> Agarashi
(er)The Story So Far:Guildmaster magicians -> Guildmaster Banedon
(er)The Story So Far:for ever -> forever
(er)The Story So Far:lorestones -> Lorestones
(er)The Story So Far:runes of Agarash -> Runes of Agarash
(er)The Story So Far:kingdom of Siyen -> Kingdom of Siyen [RW]
(er)The Story So Far:knight of Siyen -> Knight of Siyen RW: it was the bestowed title]
(er)The Story So Far [x2]:millenniums ago -> millennia ago [ik: as in 17tdoi][JB: Fix it]
(er)The Story So Far:Darklord armies -> Darkland armies [jb: Agreed]
(er)The Story So Far:well-known [is this correct?]
[jb: Should be "well known".]
(er)The Story So Far:exiled prince -> exiled Prince [RW]
(er)The Story So Far:"thirty-three years after the First Order of the Kai were almost wiped out..." were -> was [ao, dd]
[jb: agree]
[so: Also fixed in 21votm, 22tbos, 23mh, and 25totw]
(er)The Story So Far:"he pointed to a landlocked realm east of the great River Storn." West. The landlocked realm [Eldenora] lies on the west bank of Storn, so it should read "west of the great River Storn." [ao]
[jb: agree]
(er)The Game Rules:that you will find at the front of this book. For ease of use and further adventuring, it is recommended that you photocopy these pages [remove]
(er)The Game Rules:on the last page of the book [remove]
(er)The Game Rules:ie -> i.e. [x2]
(er)The Game Rules:normal weapons and -> normal weapons, and
(er)The Game Rules:normal weapons -> normal Weapons
(er)Kai Name:elite -> élite
(er)Kai Name:You can record your personal Kai name on the bookplate which appear on the inside cover of this book. [remove]
(er)Disciplines:symbols and -> symbols, and
(er)Disciplines:sixth sense -> Sixth Sense
(er)Disciplines:their COMBAT SKILL is reduced -> their ENDURANCE is reduced
(er)Disciplines:battle wounds -> battle-wounds
(er)Disciplines:Old Kingdom battle magic -> Old Kingdom battle-magic
(er)Disciplines:magi-magic spells -> Old Kingdom Spells
(er)Disciplines:guild of magicians -> Guild of Magicians
(er)Disciplines:the sun, the moon, and -> the Sun, the Moon, and
(er)Disciplines:individual (or combinations of) elements that are available, -> individual elements that are available, or combinations thereof,
(er)Disciplines:new Order -> New Order
(er)Disciplines:remove or accelerate -> remove, or accelerate
(er)Disciplines:eg -> e.g.
(er)Disciplines:dialect and -> dialect, and
(er)Disciplines:Kai Weapon and any -> Kai Weapon, and any
(er)Disciplines:For every adventure that you complete successfully in the New Order series, you will gain proficiency with one additional weapon. -> For every adventure that you complete successfully in the New Order series while possessing the Discipline of Grand Weaponmastery, you will gain proficiency with one additional weapon. [IK][SO: This also affects Books 22-28.]
(er)Grand Master Disciplines:strength and capacity of these fortresses increases -> strength and capacity of these fortresses increase [LM] [jb: Agreed]
(er)Grand Master Disciplines:Duration of the spirit-walk, and the protection afforded to his in animate body, increases -> Duration of the spirit-walk and the protection afforded to his inanimate body increase [LM] [jb: Agreed]
(er)Grand Master Disciplines:number and accuracy of these predictions increases -> number and accuracy of these predictions increase [LM] [jb: Agreed]
(er)Equipment:(see the inside front cover of this book) [remove]
(er)Equipment:a sword or an axe -> a Sword or an Axe [LM / jb]
(er)Equipment:arrow(s) -> Arrow(s) [x8]
(er)Kai Weapon:new-found -> newfound
(er)Kai Weapon:elite -> élite
(er)Kai Weapon:at the front of the book [remove]
(er)Kai Weapon:vs. -> versus [on table]
(er)Equipment:bow -> Bow [x8]
(er)Equipment:quiver -> Quiver
(er)Equipment:eg -> e.g.
(er)Rules for Combat:on the inside back cover of this book [remove]
(er)Rules for Combat:Grand Master) -> Grand master).
(er)Rules for Combat:A summary of Combat Rules appears on the page after the Random Number Table. [remove]
(er)Rules for Combat:Only you may [you: bold; under Evasion of combat] [original is in italics]
(er)Rules For Combat:ENDURANCE points fall to zero -> ENDURANCE points fall to zero or below
(er)Rules for Combat:This process of combat continues until the ENDURANCE points of either the enemy or Lone Wolf are reduced to zero, at which point the one with the zero score is declared dead. If Lone Wolf is dead, the adventure is over. If the enemy is dead, Lone Wolf proceeds but with his ENDURANCE points reduced. -> This process of combat continues until the ENDURANCE points of either the enemy or Lone Wolf are reduced to zero or below, at which point that combatant is declared dead. If Lone Wolf is dead, the adventure is over. If the enemy is dead, Lone Wolf proceeds but with his ENDURANCE points possibly reduced.
(er)Levels:(You begin the New Order adventures at this level of Grand Mastery) -> - You begin the New Order adventures at this level of Grand Mastery [also: itals (ne)]
(er)Improved Disciplines:Kai Grand Master Sentinels -> Kai Grand Sentinels [x5]
(er)Improved Disciplines:suggestion) into the mind of -> suggestion into the mind of)
(er)Improved Disciplines:'Improved Grand Master Disciplines' [remove quote marks]
(er)Improved Disciplines:normal and infravision -> normal vision [or, sight] and infravision
(er)Grand Master's Wisdom:northern Magnamund -> Northern Magnamund
(er)1:Kai mentoras -> Kai Mentoras
(er)1:Kai lord -> Kai Lord
(er)1 [x2]:High Mayor -> High-Mayor
(er)1:battle dress -> battle-dress
(er)1:battle banners -> battle-banners
(er)1:battle order -> battle-order
(er)1:each...are called -> called
(er)1:Kordas's -> Kordas' [cf. Corrections made in Book 23]
(er)4, 29, 68, 206, 317:[lm: ulnarius/illuminatus reminder?]
[so: Agree: Illuminatus. Not sure about Ulnarias—are you really "underwater" in this combat?]
[so: Added "If you possess <quote>Illuminatus</quote>, you will benefit from the additional combat bonus applicable to its unique properties."]
(er)5:densely packed -> densely-packed
(er)5, 166:the Grochod -> the Grochod Forest
(er)5:Deliverance and -> Deliverance, and
(er)5:If you do not possess this skill, or if you have yet to attain this level of Kai Mastery, turn to 114. [lm: in ref.114, you have abandoned the mineshaft completely with no mention making a slightly awkward transition. i would suggest amending the choice to something like: "If you do not possess this skill, or if you have yet to attain this level of Kai Mastery, you leave the old mine shaft and continue. Turn to 114."]
[jb: Yeah I can see how 114 makes little sense since you're looking for shelter and think, "Why not that mineshaft over there?" This seems like a sensible change.]
(er)6, 56, 291 [x2]:bow -> Bow
(er)6, 56 [x2], 66 [s], 238 [x2], 242, 262, 291, 293:arrow(s) -> Arrow(s)
(er)8, 172:12 pistol balls -> twelve pistol balls
(er)8, 15, 118, 172:Using your Magnakai healing skills, -> Using your Magnakai Curing skills, [jc: or innate (Kai) healing skills, as is written in sections 43, 99, 124, 153, 216 and 275.]
[so: Kai healing as per 21votm section 102]
(er)9, 138, 185, 211:birdsong -> bird song
(er)9:animal control -> Animal Control
(er)11:o'you -> o' you
(er)12:Animal Control -> Animal Mastery
(er)13, 37, 43, 63, 78, 88, 95, 194, 235, 255, 275, 306:now eat -> eat
(er)14:sceptically.//'And [Remove paragraph break.]
(er)17, 40, 71, 82, 120, 148, 170, 208, 209, 236, 246, 256, 263, 270, 280, 297, 323, 324, 345, 350:sixth sense -> Sixth Sense
(er)18, 199, 252:cul-de-sac [foreign]
(er)18, 199:fear, 'please -> fear. 'Please
(er)21:to untie -> in untying
(er)21, 49:wearing Eldenoran -> wearing an Eldenoran
(er)23:queuing -> queueing
(er)23, 86, 141, 156, 261, 348:Slovarian plain -> Slovarian Plain
(er)24, 36, 54, 69, 76, 84, 113,130, 131, 179, 219, 282, 331, 332, 336:Brotherhood spell -> Brotherhood Spell
(er)24, 69, 84, 130:- Net - -> Net [also: spell (ne)]
(er)24, 84, 277:deter nor -> deter or
(er)24, 84:face down [is this OK?]
[jb: Should be "face-down]
(er)27, 45, 76, 86, 203, 296, 335:The east road is called Knucklebone Lane and the west road is called Kettle Street. -> The west road is called Knucklebone Lane and the east road is called Kettle Street. [lm: these appear to be backward here and in every parallel section. following knucklebone lane 'east' has yo u reach the west wall in ref.257. following kettle street 'west' brings you to the east wall.]
(er)27, 76, 86, 203, 335:the city. You recall -> the city.//You recall [as per other sections]
(er)29:- Shield - -> Shield [also: spell (ne)]
(er)29, 48, 151, 217, 264, 277, 342:Old Kingdom spell -> Old Kingdom Spell
(er)30, 218, 326:hay loft -> hay-loft
(er)31:Elite -> Élite
(er)35:skills, or Bow, -> skills, nor a Bow, or if you have yet to attain the required level of Kai Mastery,
(er)36:- Sense Evil - -> Sense Evil [also: spell (ne)]
(er)38, 320:mortice -> mortise
[SO: Chambers Dictionary: Mortise is far more common]
(er)39:this weapon -> this Weapon
(er)40, 42, 111, 115, 227, 267, 280, 287, 300:runes of Agarash -> Runes of Agarash
(er)40:sound, then -> sound, and then
(er)40:sight, then -> sight, and then
(er)40 [x3], 280 [x3]:potion of -> Potion of
(er)40, 280:potion of Graveweed tincture -> Tincture of Graveweed
(er)40, 280:a potion of Ghilev -> some Ghilev
(er)40, 280:none of these potions -> none of these [SO: Ghilev is not a potion]
(er)40, 128, 195, 274, 280:Tincture of Graveweed -> Graveweed Concentrate [jc: In book 5, section 154 is stated:'Tincture of Graveweed (causes sickness and loss of 2 ENDURANCE points per dose)'. In book 6, section 2 is stated: 'Graveweed Concentrate (causes death if swallowed)'. I think in this section should be Graveweed Concentrate. The same correction should be done also the section 40 in this book.]
[jb: Interesting catch. I vote fix.]
(er)43, 138, 149, 174:riverbank -> river bank
(er)43:partially submerged -> partially-submerged
(er)44, 55, 168:Bow and -> Bow, and
(er)47:o'something -> o' something
(er)48, 151, 217, 342:- Invisible Fist - -> Invisible Fist [also: spell (ne)]
(er)48:crack [onomatopoeia]
(er)50:agarashi -> Agarashi
(er)50:officers, 'Return -> officers. 'Return
(er)50:assults -> assaults
(er)50:rune of Agarash -> Rune of Agarash
(er)52, 160:battle cry -> battle-cry
(er)52, 160:fight over six -> fight in six [lm] [so: I'd also recommend this change]
(er)53:Farmer's son -> Farmer's Son
(er)54, 76, 179, 332, 336:- Mind Charm - -> Mind Charm [also: spell (ne)]
(er)56:quiver -> Quiver
(er)56, 113:hall, therefore -> hall; therefore
(er)58, 70, 82, 85, 91, 129, 166, 174, 204, 213, 278:Kai rank of Grand -> rank of Kai Grand
(er)58, 129, 278:where you make camp -> where you can make camp [lm: existing wording implies to me that you've already made camp, which you haven't]
(er)59, 127, 229:your weapons -> your Weapons
(er)61, 289, 334:If you survive -> If you complete [SO: Or, this mission successfully -> this mission]
[jb: I relent: If you survive this mission, you]
(er)61, 289, 334:Lone Wolf <cite>
(er)62:ie -> i.e. [x2]
(er)65:care. 'Well -> care.//'Well
(er)65:point. 'Look -> point.//'Look
(er)66:shields and -> shields, and
(er)67:Kai journeyman clothes -> Kai Clothes [so: consistency]
(er)71:[SO: Why record the Mace as a Backpack Item (cf. Section 323)?]
[SO: Removed "as Backpack Items"]
(er)72:clump of Laumspur -> clump of laumspur
(er)72:Each potion -> Each Potion of Laumspur
(er)72:what little remains of its outer walls are -> what little remains of its outer walls is
(er)74:incredulously. // 'Well, [Remove paragraph break]
(er)74:master songbird -> Master Songbird [x2]
(er)74:Mastery skills -> Grand Master skills
(er)74:doin' I -> doin', I
(er)75, 136, 154, 182:Alema / Kaistar -> "Alema" / "Kaistar" [Also: remove itals]
(er)77, 168, 174:Kai Pathsmanship -> Magnakai Pathsmanship
(er)79:selection you -> selection, you
(er)80:ahead. 'Go -> ahead.//'Go
(er)81, 232:north-east -> northeast
(er)81, 232:newly constructed -> newly-constructed
(er)81, 232:ropemakers -> rope-makers
(er)81, 222, 232, 276, 288:North Quarter -> Northern Quarter
(er)81, 232:Flank Wall -> Flank Avenue [lm: the street is called flank ave. earlier in the section. flank wall is a street in the west quarter.]
[jb: Fix]
(er)87:the potion -> the Potion of Gallowbrush
(er)91, 310:plates and -> plates, and
(er)91, 310:(If you wish to take the Tekaro Chalice, record it on your Action Chart as a Special Item which you carry in your Backpack. You must discard one Backpack Item in its favour if you currently have the maximum number permissible.) -> (If you wish to take the Tekaro Chalice, record it on your Action Chart as a Backpack Item.)
(er)91, 310:record it on your Action Chart as a Special Item which you carry in your Backpack. -> record it on your Action Chart as a Backpack Item.
[jc: Special Items cannot be carried in the Backpack.]
(er)91, 310:lune -> Lune
[jb: Fix]
(er)91, 310:If you wish to take the Tekaro Chalice, record it on your Action Chart as a Special Item which you carry in your Backpack. -> If you wish to take the Tekaro Chalice, record it on your Action Chart as a Backpack Item. [bk: It's pretty clearly not a Special Item, since the next sentence advises you to discard a Backpack Item-- not a Special Item-- if you're at the max.]
[jb: Who am I to disagree with a trio of unanimous reporters? :) Fix.]
(er)93, 314:battle-flags -> battle-flags
(er)93, 314:battle maps -> battle-maps
(er)96:Grand Mastery skill -> Grand Master skill
(er)96:whisper, 'let -> whisper. 'Let
(er)97:shop, then -> shop, and then
(er)97:t'is -> 'tis
(er)98, 169, 250, 263, 270, 344:clang [onomatopoeia]
(er)99, 153, 216:least busy -> least-busy
(er)99, 121, 153, 188, 216, 220, 234, 302, 318, 333:parallel with -> parallel to
(er)99:blood-stained -> bloodstained
(er)99, 121, 153, 216, 234, 318:the city's west gatehouse. -> the city's south gatehouse. [lm: it looks like south on the map. according to ref.306 in 06tkot, the city of tekaro lies directly next to the convergence of the quarl and storn rivers. there wouldn't be room for the highway mentioned in ref.99 on the west side of the city.]
[jb: I'm impressed by the research. :) Fix.]
(er)100:clouds above you glimpse -> clouds above, you glimpse
[jb: That does lead down the primrose path a bit doesn't it? Fix.]
(er)102, 229:battle armour -> battle-armour
(er)107:There's -> There're
[jb: Agreed.]
(er)108:The noise of the destruction and the hellish dying shrieks of the Vorka horde alerts -> The noise of the destruction and the hellish dying shrieks of the Vorka horde alert
[jb: Agreed.]
(er)108, 131, 215:Crack!, -> Crack!
(er)113, 131, 282:- Lightning Hand - -> Lightning Hand [also: spell (ne)]
(er)114:ominious -> ominous
(er)115:fades however -> fades, however,
(er)115:Now don't -> Now, don't
(er)115:two-storeyed building -> two-storey building
(er)116:Kai weapon -> Kai Weapon
(er)119, 228:Corvail -> Corvayl [cf. Book 16]
(er)119, 228:lampmakers and -> lamp-makers, and
(er)122, 332:comrade, 'let's -> comrade. 'Let's
(er)124, 155:Hulsta, 'we -> Hulsta. 'We
(er)128:interconnnected -> interconnected
(er)128, 274:Gallowbrush -> Potion of Gallowbrush
(er)128, 274:Mokradon -> Potion of Mokradon
(er)128, 274:Volzoc -> Potion of Volzoc
(er)134:ends here -> end here
(er)136 [x2]:blue vial -> Blue Vial
[jb: Agreed.]
(er)140yellow and -> yellow, and
(er)143:Kai -> Magnakai
(er)145:battle axe -> battle-axe
(er)147, 276:THE DUADON COOPERAGE [small CAPS]
[jb: Have we established a style for this? We have something for signs that are in a paragraph of their own, but not inline.]
(er)152:down, then -> down, and then
(er)154 [x2]:yellow vial -> Yellow Vial
(er)156, 348:he beams -> he says
(er)156, 348:Kai clothes -> Kai Clothes
(er)156, 348:o'Tekaro -> o' Tekaro
(er)159:Crowns and -> Crowns, and
(er)159:care. 'That -> care.//'That
(er)159:point. 'Look -> point.//'Look
(er)163:phosphor bomb -> Phosphor Bomb
(er)163, 190:creatures who -> creatures that
(er)163:Only be destroying this rune can you -> Only by destroying this rune can you
(er)166:closely packed -> closely-packed
(er)166:treeline -> tree-line
(er)167:weapons and -> weapons, and
(er)168:Kai-alchemy and -> Kai-alchemy, and
(er)168:Magi-magic and -> Magi-magic, and
(er)168, 231:Bow nor -> Bow, nor
(er)168:[ss: it says "Rouf rushes into the cabin to untie his kin..." however, no matter which option you follow in this section, you end up being the first to go into the cabin, for example, Section 49: "... they see Rouf following behind you." You can't even say that Rouf went in, untied them, then came back out again, because he would have warned his kin about your attire.]
[jb: Proposed: "Rouf rushes into the cabin to untie his kin, but you -> You" ...with an explanation on the errata page. If you give chase unsuccessfully in 230, I don't think it spoils the narrative to have Rouf already in the cabin with his aunt and uncle. It seems natural that he would do that while you're chasing the Eldenoran.]
(er)169:Volzoc potion -> Potion of Volzoc
(er)174:Elementalism and -> Elementalism, and
(er)174:maybe change the comma at the end of the third choice to an ellipsis
[jb: agree]
(er)175:leaching -> leeching
(er)178:bellows, 'And -> bellows. 'And
(er)178:hers. 'Stay -> hers.//'Stay
(er)183:urgently.' The -> urgently.'//The
(er)186:Item). -> Item).
(er)188:narrowly misses as it -> narrowly misses you as it
(er)191:Magnikai -> Magnakai
(er)195:Graveweed potion -> Tincture of Graveweed
(er)196, 239, 276:north-west -> northwest
(er)196:wildberries -> wild berries
(er)197, 265, 346:saddlemaker's -> saddle-maker's
(er)197:cavalry come -> cavalry comes
(er)197:Grant Huntmastery -> Grand Huntmastery
(er)197:A troop of cavalry gallop -> A troop of cavalry gallops
(er)197:this troop of cavalry have -> this troop of cavalry has
(er)200:vats and -> vats, and
(er)205, 246:cousin nor -> cousin, nor
(er)207:hand lists -> hands lists
(er)210:another, 'have -> another. 'Have
(er)210:soldiers. 'He's -> soldiers.//'He's
(er)215:doomed ceiling -> domed ceiling
(er)215, 253, 262:trails of green fire splutter -> trails of green fire sputter [ik/bk]
(er)219, 331:- Levitation - -> Levitation [also: spell (ne)]
(er)226:(two changes) horde and, as of Vandyan himself -> horde, and as for Vandyan himself
[jb: agree]
(er)227:luck, then -> luck, and then
(er)227:head, 'So -> head. 'So
(er)227:creatures whom -> creatures that
(er)227:Flank street -> Flank Street
(er)227:'A barrel made from Sommlending Oak'. -> "A barrel made from Sommlending oak."
(er)227:Lyrisian soil. -> Lyrisian soil.'
(er)229:jet black -> jet-black
(er)229:match you off -> march you off
(er)229:weapons -> Weapons
(er)232:wagoneers and -> wagoneers, and
(er)233:Well I'll -> Well, I'll
(er)234, 272, 318:newly laid -> newly-laid
(er)237:Quarterstaffs -> Quarterstaves [ik: as in 02fotw and 06tkot]
(er)237:the above weapons -> the above Weapons [so: But not the previous use of "weapons" in this section.]
(er)241:say, 'I -> say. 'I
(er)242:back, then -> back, and then
(er)243:a troop of guards emerge -> a troop of guards emerges (cf.ref.343)
(er)245:Illuminatus / Kaistar -> "Illuminatus" / "Kaistar" [also: remove itals]
(er)245:Combat bonus -> combat bonus
(er)246:'yes' -> 'Yes'
(er)246:'no' -> 'No'
(er)247:neither seem -> neither seems
(er)248:click, then -> click; then
(er)248:rush a troop -> rushes a troop
(er)249:night. -> night?
(er)249:T'is -> 'Tis
(er)249:for awhile -> for a while [or, awhile]
(er)250:squeak [onomatopoeia]
(er)255:back, then -> back, and then
(er)256, 349:either the -> the
(er)256, 349:However, if you should decide to keep the Red Vial, the Blue Vial, or the Yellow Vial, record it on your Action Chart as a Special Item which you carry in your tunic pocket. [lm: this wording could be clearer that you can take all three vials, which i did, i hope without accidentally cheating in the process]
[jb: "record them on your Action Chart as Special Items".]
(er)257:gaudily painted -> gaudily-painted
(er)257:bootmakers' -> boot-makers'
(er)258:Random Number table -> Random Number Table
(er)258:scent, then -> scent; then
(er)259:soldiers. 'He's -> soldiers.//'He's
(er)261:says, 'fighting -> says. 'Fighting
(er)263, 270:timber; raw -> timber: raw
(er)263, 270:If you do not possess this Special Item -> If you do not possess this Backpack Item [so, jc: Tekaro Chalice should be Backpack Item.]
(er)264, 277:- Power Word - -> Power Word [also: spell (ne)]
(er)270:driver, then -> driver, and then
(er)275:they left fly -> they let fly
(er)280:sight, then -> sight, and then
(er)280:rebuke, it's -> rebuke. 'It's
(er)288:Lyris and -> Lyris, and
(er)289, 334:white hot -> white-hot
(er)292:vermin or -> vermin, or
(er)294:canopy of pine branches above have -> canopy of pine branches above has
[jb: Fix.]
(er)296, 335:You hand over the Tekaro Chalice (erase this Special Item from your Action Chart) -> You hand over the Tekaro Chalice (erase this Backpack Item from your Action Chart) [jc: Tekaro Chalice should be Backpack Item.]
(er)297:[How should the "multiply by" paragraph be formatted? It seems odd the way it is.]
[JB: I think we should merge the paragraphs.]
(er)300:a a great -> a great
(er)314:eavesdropping a -> eavesdropping upon a
(er)316:disorientates -> disorients
(er)320:clear, then -> clear, and then
(er)320, 344:saddlemaker -> saddle-maker
(er)320:three-storeyed shop -> three-storey shop
(er)321:Grand Master Senior -> Kai Grand Master Senior
(er)325:us!' Coolly -> us!'//Coolly
(er)325:elite -> élite
(er)325:Paragraph break before "For Sommerlund and the Kai!"
[jb: agree]
(er)326:cheese and -> cheese, and
(er)326:12 milk cows -> twelve milk cows
(er)326 (Illustration Caption XIX):hay loft -> hay-loft
(er)327:Mokradon potion -> Potion of Mokradon
(er)328:soothingly, 'I -> soothingly. 'I
(er)328:stammers, 'you're -> stammers. 'You're
(er)328:Please ma'am -> Please, ma'am
(er)330:Slovian Range -> Slovarian Range [jc: In all other books, there is Slovarian Range. But there is also used Slovian adjective (Slovian bank, Slovian soldiers... )]
(er)333:Backpack Items list -> list of Backpack Items
(er)339:head over heels -> head-over-heels
(er)340:surroundings, then -> surroundings; then
(er)340:If you do not possess this Special Item, -> If you do not possess this item, [jc: According to sections 163 and 186, Phosphor Bomb is a Backpack Item.]
(er)343:Battle Map -> Battle-map
(er)343:[SO: ellipses -> dashes/hyphens]
[jb: Agreed on both counts (use hyphens).]
(er)343:d..dungeons -> d-dungeons
[jb: Agreed on both counts (use hyphens).]
(er)346:13 of -> thirteen of
(er)346:"you [...] give thanks to Ishir that the riders were not armed with more cavalry crossbows. Bor pistols are notoriously inaccurate..." -> "you [...] give thanks to Ishir that the riders were not armed with [the] more [accurate] cavalry crossbow."
[so: Prefer: '...armed with more accurate cavalry crossbows.']
[jb: Or simply omit "more" since the next sentence makes clear why. Plus, this would add a bit of narrative tension in the reader's mind as they wonder why.]
(er)348:forest hear -> forest near
(er)350:said the Lone -> said that Lone
(er)350:for ever -> forever
(er)Combat Rules Summary:COMBAT RULES SUMMARY -> Combat Rules Summary [RW]
(er)Combat Rules Summary:Combat Skill -> COMBAT SKILL
(er)Combat Rules Summary:cross reference -> cross-reference
(er)Combat Rules Summary:Kai Disciplines -> Grand Master Disciplines
(er)Combat Rules Summary:Pick number from Random -> Pick a number from the Random [SO, RW]
(er)Combat Rules Summary:Turn to Combat -> Turn to the Combat
(er)Combat Rules Summary:to random number -> to the random number
(er)Combat Rules Summary:when ENDURANCE -> when the ENDURANCE
(er)Combat Rules Summary:ignored, -> ignored;
(er)Combat Rules Summary:This is when ENDURANCE points of either character fall to 0. -> This is when ENDURANCE points of either character falls to 0 or below.

Illustration Placements
small 1Bell Dome spouting (Vorka) Agarashi[so: 35] [jb: 340 instead]
small 2Banners/Flags[so: 1]
small 3Crossed Flintlocks[so: 197]
small 4Barrels & coopers' tools[so: 200, 210]
small 5GM & sailing boat[so: 102]
small 6Two wagons[so: 27, 45, 72, 76, 86, 119, 164, 203, 247, 263] [jb: Not 119 or 247]
small 7Vials[so: 140, 221]
small 8Runes![so: 42, 56, 100, 111, 113, 231, 267, 300] [jb: Not 56, 100, 113 as there are fewer than 3 runes in those sections]
small 9Dinner[so: 40, 280]
small 10Skyship & mountain[so: 350]
small 11Camp & refugees?[so: 1]
small 12Bridge[so: 102]

Fixed (Not Errata)
(ne)The Story So Far:Golden Star <cite>
(ne)The Story So Far [x3]:. . . <ch.ellips/>
(ne)The Story So Far:Sommmerswerd -> Sommerswerd
(ne)The Story So Far:a link to the map might be helpful here
(ne)The Game Rules:Playing Tip: [RW: Bold in original.]
(ne)The Game Rules:If you have [...] your new Action Chart. [RW: [Bold] in original]
(ne)Kai Name:[RW: [table] in original]
(ne)Disciplines:[RW: All Magnakai/Grandmaster headings are bold in the original]
(ne)Disciplines:(Advanced Curing) [RW:italics in the original]
(ne)Disciplines:(Advanced Invisibility) [RW: italics in the original]
(ne)Disciplines:(Advanced Divination) [RW: italics in the original]
(ne)Disciplines:(Old Kingdom Magic) [RW: italics in the original]
(ne)Disciplines:(Brotherhood Magic) [RW: italics in the original]
(ne)Disciplines:[RW: Trail of the Wolf [Link]
(ne)Disciplines:mastered four of [four: itals]
(ne)Disciplines:one of the weapons [one: itals]
(ne)Disciplines:EQUIPMENT [link]
(ne)Disciplines:Shield / Power Word / Invisible Fist / Lightning Hand / Levitation / Mind Charm [spell]
(ne)Disciplines:Trail of the Wolf [itals]
(ne)Disciplines:Fire and -> Fire, and
(ne)Equipment:map [link]
(ne)Equipment:Weapons List [link]
(ne)Equipment:carry is two [two: itals]
(ne)Equipment:If you have [...] may be weapons. [RW: bold in the original.]
(ne)Equipment:Scan Lute image
(ne)Kai Weapon [x2]:Example [RW: bold heading text]
(ne)Kai Weapon:Equipment - How to Use it [RW: [Bold] heading]
(ne)Kai Weapon:to use a [b]ow and [a]rrow -> to use a [B]ow and [A]rrow [RW]
(ne)Kai Weapon:Weapons, Bows and Arrows, Backpack Items, Special Items, Kai Weapon, Food, Potion of Laumspur [RW: Italic headings in the original]
(ne)Rules for Combat:[RW: Various nested lists]
(ne)Rules for Combat:Example [RW: [Bold] in the original]
(ne)Levels:No. of Grand Master Disciplines acquired [RW: italics in the original.]
(ne)Improved Disciplines:infra-vision -> infravision [linebreak]
(ne)Improved Disciplines:Mind Charm [spell]
(ne)5, 102, 166, 227:map [link]
(ne)10, 350 [x3]:Cloud-dancer [itals]
(ne)18, 40, 65, 115, 127, 129, 156, 183, 196, 199, 261, 280, 303, 318, 325, 328, 343, 348:Ellipsis [Encode]
(ne)24, 52, 73, 84, 92, 126, 160, 217, 264, 277, 282, 304:footnotes should read "their unique properties". (cf. 75)
(ne)39:Weapons List [link]
(ft)39:You unsheathe a hand weapon [lm: what if you have none?]
[jb: Not much we can do here except perhaps a footnote to acknowledge that this may be a problem.]
[so: You may not be carrying a normal hand weapon. It is left up to the reader's discretion as to how to resolve this potential inconsistency.]
(ft)40:This is the answer to the puzzle in 297.
(ne)40:some thing -> something
(ne)49:bid yon farewell -> bid you farewell
(ne)49, 110:[SO: The book uses Great Forest here to refer to the Forest of Salony. Does this have any bearing on our decisions in Book 18? If so: (er) 23mh 124: into the great forest -> into the Great Forest
(er) 18dotd 92: where you enter the great forest -> where you enter the Great Forest
(er) 18dotd 176: great Forest of Salony -> Great Forest of Salony]]
[jb: Yeah, it seems that Great Forest is used as a proper noun. Accepting that, I agree to whatever changes are needed to bring other books in line.]
(ne)63:matchwood -> matchwood.
(ne)72, 164, 344:south-east -> southeast
(ne)80 (Illustration V Caption):‘Whirling -> Whirling
(ne)108, 131, 215, 342:Crack! [onomatopoeia]
(ft)148, 158, 297:Standard puzzle footnote
(ne)148:the numbered list should be marked-up with <ol>...</ol>
(ne)158:True / Hawk [itals]
(ft)174:If you possess Assimilance, and have attained the rank of Kai Grand Master Superior or higher, [lm: can't arrive here with assimilance.  cf.ref.149] [jb: This means that 321, 275, and 306 are all unreachable. I think we should just footnote here and in those sections.] [Since you can only reach this section by not possessing Assimilance (cf. Section 149), the option to use that Discipline here is redundant.]
(ne)200:a barrel made from Sommlending oak [itals]
(ft)221:This is the answer to the puzzle in 158.
(ne)226:vou -> you
(ne)226:to bee found -> to be found
(ne)261:That flag -> 'That Flag
(ne)262:green fire: Instinctively -> green fire. Instinctively
(ne)264, 277:Gloar! [spell]
(ft)275, 306, 321:[jb: Due to game design issues, it is impossible to reach this section of the book (cf. Section 174). It is an oversight which is not easily correctable.]
(ft)280:This is the answer to the puzzle in 148.
(ne)299:Footnote could state definitely that this is a reptilian opponent (cf. Section 143) instead of "apparently".
(ne)328:haw -> how
(ne)330:hang dawn -> hang down
(ne)344:This is the tunnel -> 'This is the tunnel
(ne)350:fêted [encode]
(ne)Errata:in animate body, increases’ with ‘Duration of the spirit-walk and the protection afforded to his in animate -> (one or both 'in animate' ought to be amended to 'inanimate')
(ne)Errata:.Replaced -> . Replaced
(ne)Errata:ilustration -> illustration
(ne)Errata:axe"Alema -> axe "Alema
(ne)Errata:TeTerror -> Terror
(ne)Errata:TerTerror -> Terror

Large Illustrations
Ensure the image dimensions are correct in the XML.
I12Three Eldenoran soldiers share a meal of cold cooked meat and ale.
II34An impressive collection of Siyenese bows and Lourdenian swords catches your eye.
III44You look down and see a patrol of Eldenoran guardsmen rushing through the door.
IV50'My loyal commanders,' says Vandyan, spreading his arms wide.
V80Whirling his spiked ball and chain around his head, the Sinistrari rider gets ready to strike you down.
VI115Hulsta and Delissa are honoured to meet you.
VII120Before you lies a magnificent chamber hewn from polished obsidian.
VIII143An Eldenoran soldier calls out for you to come and join him and his two companions at their campfire.
IX156The Slovian prisoner invites you to cut through the rope wound around his wrists.
X178Two units of armoured riders descend from the hillocks to block your path.
XI199You see an old woman holding a lantern in one hand and a carving knife in the other.
XII214The scaly head of a large black serpent rears up before your face.
XIII223The Ogron raises his great warhammer and takes a swipe at your head.
XIV228Wagons piled high with timber and iron ore pour through the city's West Gate.
XV260Two Eldenoran warriors stand at the approach to the drawbridge.
XVI277Three Vorka race up the stairs towards you clacking their fanged jaws.
XVII299The Vorka advances towards you with its nostrils flared wide.
XVIII314Eldenoran officers are poring over battle maps around a large table.
XIX326The farmer's eldest son climbs the ladder up to the hay loft.
XX338Hulsta carefully unfurls the yellowed parchment of an ancient scroll.

(er)The Story So Far, 10:wise sage -> wise Sage [RW: I assume?]
[jb: Leave as is]
(er)The Story So Far:The constitution of Siyen -> The Constitution of Siyen
[jb: Leave as is]
(er)The Game Rules:your number of -> your total of
(ne)Disciplines:[Use Magnakai heading illustrations from later books?]
(er)Disciplines:[RW: Why aren't Psi-surge bonuses mentioned when Mindblast is as an alternative to Kai-surge?]
[SO: Space reasons. Also, the Readers' Handbook contains such material.]
(ne)Discplnes:...called Mindblast [RW: Mindblast - bold in the original]
(ne)Grand Master Disciplines:[Use Magnakai heading illustrations from later books?]
[jb: I checked, and I don't seem to have the headings (or even the background) for the Magnakai Disciplines.]
(er)Equipment:Lute -> Flue [jc]
[so: Rejected! Whether or not it was originally a typo, the original book contains an ilsutration of a Lute by Brian Williams, which will also appear in the PA edition of the book! :-)]
(ne)Rules for Combat:Combat Record [RW: italics in the original]
(ne)Rules for Combat:Combat Ratio [RW: [Bold] in the original]
(ne)Rules for Combat:Example [RW: [Bold] in the original]
(ne)Rules for Combat:E represents [RW: E - italics]
(ne)Rules for Combat:GM represents [RW: GM - italics]
(ne)Rules for Combat:A summary of... [RW: [Bold] in the original]
(ne)Rules for Combat:Evasion of combat [RW: [Bold] in the original]
(ft)Rules for Combat:It is not necessarily the case that the Grand Master will lose any EP during the combat.
(er)5, 166, 310:tracking -> Tracking
(er)8, 15, 118, 172:Magnakai healing -> Magnakai Curing
(er)10, 80, 227, 350:rendezvous -> rendez-vous [foreign]
(er)13, 39 [x2], 53, 91, 100 [x4], 104, 116 [x2], 130, 163, 167, 214, 312 [x2], 332:weapon(s) -> Weapon(s)
[jb: Many of these sections, especially 167, really make me want to reverse the rule because there's really no gameplay reason to capitalize these.]
(er)14:west gate, so state -> west gate; so state
[jb: Leave as is]
(er)15, 70:10 feet -> ten feet
(er)22, 170, 248:click [onomatopoeia]
(er)22, 67, 208, 284, 337:20 feet -> twenty feet
(er)24, 52 [x2], 160 [x2], 163, 194, 277:Vorka who -> Vorka that
[jb: Leave as is]
(er)25, 179:reeve-sergeant -> Reeve-sergeant [ik: as everywhere in 23mh] [SO: Suggest reject; no specific name used (e.g. Reeve-sergeant Blah)][JB: Rejected]
(er)27, 45, 76, 86, 203, 263, 270, 296, 335:South Gate -> south gate [263, 270: x2]
(er)27, 45, 76, 86, 203, 296, 335:South Gate square -> South Gate Square
(er)30, 133, 218:30 feet -> thirty feet
(er)42, 267:10,000 -> 10.000
[SO: No, the comma is correct.]
(er)43, 99, 124, 153, 216:healing -> Healing
(er)44:that explodes it -> shattering it [or similar]
[jb: This doesn't seem technically wrong, even though "shattering" may have been a better word choice.]
(er)45, 76, 86, 203, 296, 335:thud [onomatopoeia]
(er)46, 104, 212, 243:wristband -> Wristband
[jb: Again, you're not adding or dropping it, and it's not like there's a chance of not having it (right?) so is there a gameplay reason to capitalize it? It seems like Dever or his editors were trying to get away from using capitalization everywhere, and I sympathize.]
(er)52, 160, 299:or less -> or fewer
(er)53:Kai curing -> Magnakai Curing
(er)57, 144:rockfall -> rock-fall
(er)62 [x2], 124 [x2], 219, 329 [x2]:grill -> grille
[jb: Interesting. shows "grill" as a variant spelling of "grille". Leave as is.]
(er)69, 108, 187, 238, 251, 293, 316:lifeless among -> lifeless amidst
[jb: Leave as-is.]
(er)70:the remainder spread -> the remainder spreads
[jb: Not clear that the "remainder" is acting in unison.]
(er)78:None...find their -> None...finds its
[jb: None can take a singular or plural verb ( Leave as-is.]
(er)80, 313:20 yards -> twenty yards
(er)81, 207, 232, 263, 270:East Gate -> east gate
(er)81, 223, 232:East Quarter -> Eastern Quarter [cf. Northern Quarter, Southern Quarter]
[jb: Place names don't have to be consistent. They grow organically without the benefit of a rule book.]
(er)87, 169, 195, 271, 327:potion to -> potion time to
[jb: It's implied so I don't think it's necessary to make it explicit. Leave as-is.]
(ft)91, 310:Backpack / Special Item confusion for Tekaro Chalice. [so: Rejected; errata alteration preferred.]
(er)97, 197, 226 [x2], 290 [x2]:North Gate -> north gate
(er)102:bank and -> bank, and
(er)102:a second group who are -> a second group which is
[jb: OK as-is (unless there is a strong reason to say the group acted collectively).]
(er)102:unseaworthy [so: On a river?]
[jb: I see what you mean, but I'm drawing a blank on a better word.]
(er)111:head-first [Is this OK?]
[JB: Yes]
(er)118:15 feet -> fifteen feet
(er)119, 228, 263, 270:West Gate -> west gate
(er)119, 228, 254:West Gate square -> West Gate Square
(er)119, 228:West Quarter -> Western Quarter [cf. Northern Quarter, Southern Quarter]
[jb: No need to rationalize place names unless inconsistent (i.e. if West Quarter and Western Quarter were both used)]
(ft)120:[jc: Could we place a footnote here, reminding player that during night, he/she could benefit from 'Kaistar' special bonus? Or we should add footnote about Kaistar/Spawnsmite bonus to sections 24, 126, 277, 84, 217, 304 160, 52 and 73, and add footnote about Kaistar/Alema bonus to sections 282, 264 and 92. Also we should place Spawnsmite bonus reminder to section 299. Or maybe put a footnote about Vorka - Spawnsmite to section 1.]
[so: Placed footnotes in 24, 52, 73, 84, 126, 160, 217, 277, 304; and 92, 264, 282; and 299 as per jb]
(er)126, 194, 304, 340:Vorka come -> Vorka comes
[jb: OK as-is.]
(er)134:a score of guards appear -> a score of guards appears
[jb: OK as-is.]
(er)137:3 feet -> three feet
(er)144:100 yards -> one hundred yards
(er)149, 285, 319:camouflage -> Camouflage
(er)156, 348:two normal items -> two normal Items
[so: This is usual nomenclature in the Lone Wolf books.]
(er)166, 204, 213, 278:Sentinel or -> Sentinel, or
(er)174:Superior or -> Superior, or
(er)174, 276:reads: THE DUADON COOPERAGE. -> reads: 'THE DUADON COOPERAGE'.
(ne)182:[ss: "If your Kai Weapon is ‘Alema’ or ‘Kaistar’, you may add the appropriate bonus gained from their unique properties." My inclination was to then try and find the original table of these Kai weapons. Granted that people may be noting the benefits of their weapon in their action charts, but I thought that perhaps a link back to the Kai weapon table would be useful.] [so: When you're playing, you only need to remember the special abilities of your own Kai Weapon, not all of them.]
(er)189:[Should Grand Huntmastery be usable here (see other sections of this book for when you are waiting/working, e.g 194)]
[jb: I see the parallel, though it seems insufficient to second guess the author's intent here. For example, the GM could take some time off from work to hunt whereas in other instances that I surveyed the GM was stuck in place.]
(er)196 [x2]:10 miles -> ten miles
(er)197, 330:dispatched -> despatched [Rejected: cf. PAMoS]
(er)218:shock of your unexpected -> shock at your unexpected
[jb: I think the original is idiomatically OK.]
(er)226:Alive'. -> Alive.'
(er)239:30 miles -> thirty miles
(er)250:detects a myriad distant sounds -> detects a myriad of distant sounds [lm: OR detects myriad distant sounds]
(ft)256, 349:[Can you take only one of these Vials?]
[so: Fixed with errata instead]
(er)259:they, and four other guardsmen, make -> they and four other guardsmen make
[jb: OK as-is (it's a parenthetical use of commas.)]
(er)263:a seemingly endless file of Vorka march -> a seemingly endless file of Vorka marches
[jb: OK as-is]
(er)263:riders who -> riders that
[jb: OK as-is]
(er)268:thuds [onomatopoeia]
(er)270:file of Vorka are -> file of Vorka is
[jb: OK as-is]
(er)298:50 feet -> fifty feet
(er)307:feet-first [Is this OK?][[<<][JB: Yes]
(er)322:5 feet -> five feet
(er)337:clicks [onomatopoeia]
(er)340:armoury whence -> armoury from whence
[jb: Although "from whence" is OK, it is technically redundant because "whence" means "from where".]
(er)350:50 miles -> fifty miles
(ne)350:Gold Rain [This is an unfortunate name fo the poor Kai Lord!]
(ne)Combat Rules Summary:E indicates loss of [RW: E - italics]
(er)Ill XIV:West Gate -> west gate