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Cessation of the Lone Wolf Collector Editions by Mongoose Publishing Ltd.

As of Feb 27, 2013, Mongoose Publishing Ltd no longer has a license to produce any Lone Wolf books and games. All rights have now reverted to me.

Termination of Mongoose Publishing’s Lone Wolf gamebooks and RPG range has been actioned by mutual consent of the author and the publisher. Contractually, I am unable to publish or discuss the terms of my severance agreement.

All Mongoose Mega-deal customers who have queries about their existing deals, such as shop credit or refunds, should direct their enquires to Matthew Sprange, CEO of Mongoose Publishing, by email at

If you have pre-paid for books that were out of print and awaiting a reprint, Mongoose Publishing have been given permission to reprint these books in small quantities in order that these pre-orders can be fulfilled. Mongoose Publishing have undertaken to dispatch these reprints to you before the end of March 2013.

I’m sure this news will come as a disappointment to many, but as one door closes, so others swing open. I am currently in discussion with publishers who are seeking to pick up the Collector Series, and the Multi-player Game Book series. I will post progress updates on this site, so be sure to check the Project Aon ‘What’s New’ page for news. Better still, subscribe to the Project Aon news announcements and these updates will be sent to you automatically.

I am committed in my desire to continue production of the Collector Series in the same style and format established in books 1-17. This is to ensure the continuity of the collection.

I am committed to completing the series in its entirety and to bringing the Lone Wolf saga to its exciting conclusion. I am deeply appreciative of the loyalty and support of my devoted readers, many of whom have grown up reading my adventures and continue to read and enjoy them today. Thank you all for your wonderful support and please be assured that the cessation of my business relationship with Mongoose Publishing does not mean an end to the series; it is the start of a new phase in the evolution of Lone Wolf.

For you, for me, for Sommerlund and the Kai!

Joe Dever

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