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Mongoose Refunds

I’ve been in contact with Matthew Sprange over at Mongoose Publishing, and he asked me to relay the message that refunds are being made every day and while it will take a some amount of time to get to everyone, they will get to everyone.

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Limited Stock of Lone Wolf 1-15 Available

Mantikore-Verlag just sent out some info about the remaining stock of Lone Wolf 1-15 published by Mongoose. As most Lone Wolf fans allready know – Mantikore-Verlag is now publisher of Lone Wolf. At the moment we are fast working on LW18 which should be ready in June. If you need any of the books 1-17 […]

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New Publisher Announced for Lone Wolf Books 18-28!

Mantikore-Verlag and I are very pleased to announce that an agreement has been put in place to publish Lone Wolf books 18-28. These will be high quality English language hard cover editions and will be produced in the same format as the Mongoose LW Collector Editions to maintain the integrity of the series. Matthew Sprange […]

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Cessation of the Lone Wolf Collector Editions by Mongoose Publishing Ltd.

As of Feb 27, 2013, Mongoose Publishing Ltd no longer has a license to produce any Lone Wolf books and games. All rights have now reverted to me. Termination of Mongoose Publishing’s Lone Wolf gamebooks and RPG range has been actioned by mutual consent of the author and the publisher. Contractually, I am unable to […]

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Darkland Banners Published

The armies of the Darklands spread terror across Magnamund under the personal banners of their vile Darklord masters. Joe Dever has given us permission to publish the battle banners for all twenty Darklords as illustrated in The Darklands, a forthcoming supplement for the Lone Wolf Multiplayer system published by Mongoose Publishing. For Sommerlund and the […]

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Mongoose publishes Sommerlund sourcebook

Mongoose just announced the availability of a new sourcebook about Sommerlund: The mightiest of nations in Northern Magnamund is fully explored and detailed in this sourcebook for the Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook. Intended as a resource for both games masters creating adventures and players wanting to know more about the land of the Kai Lords, […]

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Some News Items

I’ve been storing these stories up until Kai Grand Sentinel settled into its new home. Caverns of Kalte is now available on the Nintendo DS. The Planet Mongoose blog discusses planned publications for 2010. Polish fans probably already know, but Lone Wolf will be published in Polish. Ctrl+Alt+Del, an online comic, is running a gamebook-like […]

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Overview of Toran

Signs & Portents 71, available for free, provides an overview of the city of Toran including a map and details about its culture, society, economy, etc.

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Mongoose’s Mega-Deal Rides Again!

Mongoose has brought back the Mega-deal, now in three flavors.

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Drakkarim Armies

Joe Dever has shared some information about the organization of the Drakkarim Armies in the latest issue of Signs and Portents, including photos of his models. And for any Giak language enthusiasts, like myself, there’s some tantalizing new names. It may be time for me to update the Giak Lexicon.

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