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Limited Stock of Lone Wolf 1-15 Available

Mantikore-Verlag just sent out some info about the remaining stock of Lone Wolf 1-15 published by Mongoose.

As most Lone Wolf fans allready know – Mantikore-Verlag is now publisher of Lone Wolf. At the moment we are fast working on LW18 which should be ready in June. If you need any of the books 1-17 we are glad to tell that we are able to offer you these Mongoose books. But this is a very limited stock so they might be not available for a long time. At the moment we have all the books just book 1 and 15 missing. But these books should be available in a few weeks again.

After we worked on our homepage we are proud that you now have the oportunity to choose english language. Just select the language at the flags on the right upper corner.

We hope that now it will be easy for you to order your missing books and to pre-order the next Lone Wolf Adventure – Dawn of the Dragons!

DonĀ“t wait to long to order your Lone Wolf books now!!!

-For Summerland and the Kai-

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