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Beyond the Nightmare Gate

by Ian Page (author) and Joe Dever (editor) and Paul Bonner (illustrator)

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You are the Wizard Grey Star, chosen hero of an ancient magical race--the Shianti. To find the Moonstone, source of all Shianti wisdom, you must venture Beyond The Nightmare Gate. Dare you enter a realm of mystery, a world of gods and demons? For somewhere in this twilight region is the secret of the Moonstone. Only you can find it and with its power throw down the evil Shasarak and save mankind. Your journey will take you across the grey plains of the Neverness, past the dark enchantments of the Crystal Tower, and on towards perils undreamed of. Armed only with the Wizard's Staff and the magical spells of the Shianti, you must step into a nightmare world where only the bravest will survive!

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