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Appendix C: Example Combat

The following is an example of a simple combat to show how it works in general and to supplement the example given in the Rules for Combat section of the books. This example is taken from Flight from the Dark: Section 229.

Lone Wolf has a base COMBAT SKILL score of 15. He has an ENDURANCE score of 23. He has the Discipline of Mindblast which adds 2 COMBAT SKILL points to his base score (as long as his enemy isn't immune to Mindblast). He has mastered the Discipline of Weaponskill with the Quarterstaff. He is carrying an Axe and a Mace.

He is in combat with a Kraan who isn't immune to Mindblast, so he adds 2 COMBAT SKILL points to his score (15 + 2 = 17). He isn't carrying a Quarterstaff (the weapon in which he has Weaponskill) so he doesn't benefit from his Weaponskill mastery. He must reduce his COMBAT SKILL by 1 due to dust mentioned in the book (17 - 1 = 16).

Lone Wolf's opponent--a Kraan--has a COMBAT SKILL of 16 so the Combat Ratio is 0 (16 - 16 = 0). The Kraan has an ENDURANCE of 25.

Combat begins by picking a random number which is traditionally done using the Random Number Table, but there a other ways available. The first random number picked is 6. We look that up on the Combat Results Table by finding the Combat Ratio (0) at the top and cross-referencing it with the random number (6) along the side. In this case, we find that Lone Wolf has lost 2 ENDURANCE points and the Kraan has lost 8. Now Lone Wolf has 21 ENDURANCE points (23 - 2 = 21) and the Kraan has 17 (25 - 8 = 17). Lone Wolf and his opponent continue with these new, reduced ENDURANCE point scores.

Combat continues by picking another random number: 5. During this round, Lone Wolf loses another 2 ENDURANCE points while the Kraan loses 7. Lone Wolf now has an ENDURANCE score of 19 (21 - 2 = 19) and the Kraan has 10 (17 - 7 = 10). The situation looks good for Lone Wolf.

The random number picked for the next round is 1--not a great round for Lone Wolf. He loses 4 ENDURANCE points while the Kraan loses only 3. Lone Wolf is left with 15 ENDURANCE points (19 - 4 = 15) and the Kraan has 7 (10 - 3 = 7).

Another random number is picked: 7. This time Lone Wolf loses 2 ENDURANCE points leaving him with 13 (15 - 2 = 13) and the Kraan loses 9 ENDURANCE points leaving him with -2 (7 - 9 = -2). Since the Kraan has an ENDURANCE score that is less than or equal to 0, it is dead and Lone Wolf wins the combat and can continue his quest. If Lone Wolf's score had been reduced to 0 or below, his quest would now be over.

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