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Flight from the Dark

by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk (illustrator)

You are the sole survivor of a devastating attack on the monastery where you were learning the skills of the Kai Lords. You swear vengeance on the Darklords for the massacre of the Kai warriors, and with a sudden flash of insight you know what you must do. You must set off on a perilous journey to the capital city to warn the King of the terrible threat that faces his people: For you are now the last of the Kai you are now Lone Wolf.

book revised 28th October 2012

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hardcover hardcover Collector's Edition containing an entirely new adventure that tells the story of the fall of the Kai Monastery and the heroic rise of Lone Wolf (note: this edition is out of print and supplies are limited)  
kindle interactive ebook edition of the new Flight from the Dark adventure for the Kindle that keeps track of game stats for you (available only in the U.S.)  

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Other readers have generously contributed their time and expertise to provide the following.

Game Playing Aids

statskeeper by Chalit Noonchoo
built-in action chart by Eric Zollman
lone wolf adventures by Jack Van Zyl

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