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Lone Wolf's Family Tree

Lone Wolf's family name is Vargan, which is Old Sommlending for wolf. This makes Silent Wolf, the name he was given when he joined the Kai Order, particularly apt. Before he left his family home to join the ranks of the Kai, his name was Landar Vargan.

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Some of you diehard fans will note that this fulfils the Skarn/wolf prophecy of the Koura-tas-Kai legend in Dessi.

"…the Elder Magi had been expecting [Lone Wolf's] coming. An ancient Dessi legend tells of the birth and rise to greatness of two koura-tas-kai—‘sons of the sun’. One was named Ikar, which means ‘eagle’; the other was called Skarn, which means ‘wolf’. A prophecy foretold that the koura-tas-kai would come from the north to seek the council of the Elder Magi in order that they might fulfil a great quest. Although separated by several centuries, they would share one spirit, one purpose, and one destiny—to triumph over the champions of darkness in an age of great peril." (The Jungle of Horrors, The Story So Far)