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Flags of Magnamund

The Flags of Magnamund is a collection of original flag designs created by Joe Dever over the course of several years. The following flags comprise the main collection. Joe Dever created these images as a preview for a forthcoming book to be written in collaboration with Francesco Mattioli at some time in the future. The book is planned to include new paintings of the flags by Francesco and background text for each written by Joe. (see also Darkland Banners)

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Anari–Bhanar Bhanar–Chai Chai–Delden
Dessi–Durenor Durenor–Firalond Firalond–Kakush
Kakush–Lencia Lencia Lencia–Lissan
Lissan–Lourden Lourden–
mercenary companies
mercenary companies–
Palmyrion–Shadaki Shadaki–Siyen Siyen–Slovia
Slovia–Sommerlund Sommerlund Starn–Talestria
Talestria–Valerion Vaduzhan–Zaldir