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The Kingdoms of Terror

by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk (illustrator)

You are Kai Master Lone Wolf—last of the Kai Lords of Sommerlund, sole survivor of a massacre by the Darklords of Helgedad. You discovered the lost Sommlending treasure, The Book of the Magnakai, containing the wisdom and Disciplines of the Kai lords recorded in the time of Sun Eagle, the first Kai Grand Master. With Magnakai Disciplines, you have sworn to restore the Kai to their former glory and so ensure the security of your land against the Darklords.

And so, guided by the words of your ancient mentor, Sun Eagle, and with the shadow of the Darklords ever present, you set out on the quest for the Lorestone of Varetta, unaware of the wonders and the horrors that await you in the Stornlands.

book revised 28th October 2012

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