Project Aon

06: The Kingdoms of Terror


(er)BOOKS 6, 7, 8, 9, 10:[so: Book 6 [Levels of Magnakai Training], Book 7 [35], Book 8 [73, 288], Book 9 [61, 187, 213, 291, 303, 342], Book 10 [4 [x2], 19, 106, 240]: Magnakai rank -> Kai rank]
[tp: I personally don't have a problem with leaving "Kai rank" and "Magnakai rank" alone.]
[jb: The books do seem to standardize later on "Kai rank". Given the small number of changes required, I agree we should make them.]
[All occurrences (or just some?) of on to -> onto]
(er)12, 20, 23, 26, 56 [x2], 75, 95, 155, 170, 178, 209, 236, 264, 265, 292, 296, 301, 303 [x2]:arrow -> Arrow
(er)13 [x2], 47, 74, 85 [x2], 95, 141 [x2], 153, 159, 162 [x2], 164, 170, 178, 196, 201, 209, 219 [x2], 224, 227, 234, 243, 268, 278 [x2], 283, 296, 330, 334, 340:bow -> Bow
(er)The Story So Far:your life and the future of Sommerlund depends -> your life and the future of Sommerlund depend
(er)The Game Rules:of your Action Chart. (i.e. if your pencil fell on 4 in the Random Number Table you would write in a COMBAT SKILL of 14.) -> of your Action Chart (i.e. if your pencil fell on 4 in the Random Number Table you would write in a COMBAT SKILL of 14).
(er)The Game Rules:of your Action Chart. (i.e. if your pencil fell on the number 6 on the Random Number Table you would have 26 ENDURANCE points.) -> of your Action Chart (i.e. if your pencil fell on the number 6 on the Random Number Table you would have 26 ENDURANCE points).
(er)The Game Rules:ENDURANCE points fall to zero -> ENDURANCE points fall to zero or below
(er)Disciplines:mastery of this skill -> that mastery of this skill
(er)Disciplines:weapons list -> Weapons List [link to Action Chart]
(er)Disciplines:add only 2 extra points to your COMBAT SKILL. -> add only 2 extra points to your COMBAT SKILL. (Psi-surge and Mindblast cannot be used simultaneously.)
(er)Disciplines:your list -> your Weaponmastery Checklist [SO: and link to the Action Chart][Dewi Morgan, August 2008]
(er)EquipmentKai monastery -> Kai Monastery
(er)Equipment [x9]:bow -> Bow
(er)Equipment [x7]:arrow -> Arrow
(er)Equipment:combat, therefore it is strongly -> combat; therefore it is strongly [LeRoy McSwain, Jan 2007]
(er)Equipment:Weaponmastery with a bow -> Weaponmastery with Bow
(er)Equipment [x2]:two weapons -> two Weapons [so: Does this affect the xml of the other Magnakai books?]
(er)Equipment:number of weapons -> number of Weapons [so: Does this affect the xml of the other Magnakai books?]
(er)Rules for Combat:at which point the one with the zero score is declared dead. -> at which point that combatant is declared dead.
(er)Rules for Combat:This process of combat continues until ENDURANCE points of either the enemy or Lone Wolf are reduced to zero, ... If the enemy is dead, Lone Wolf proceeds but with his ENDURANCE points reduced. -> This process of combat continues until the ENDURANCE points of either the enemy or Lone Wolf are reduced to zero or below, ... If the enemy is dead, Lone Wolf proceeds but with his ENDURANCE points possibly reduced.
(er)1:Fryelund forest -> Fryelund Forest
(er)3:Durncrag mountains -> Durncrag Mountains
(er)5:Salony and -> Salony, and
(er)10:river boat -> riverboat
(er)13:spreadeagled -> spread-eagled
(er)18:split nor -> split, nor
(er)18:neither warped, split nor unstrung -> not warped, split, or unstrung
(er)19:houses and -> houses, and
(er)19:powders and -> powders, and
(er)21:vanished: the -> vanished; the [LeRoy McSwain, Jan 2007]
(er)26:toa-wood -> toa wood
(er)30:each of which hold -> each of which holds
(er)39:Varettian hills -> Varettian Hills
(er)40:these men have used -> these men used
(er)40:Wine and -> Wine, and
(er)44, 150:head first -> head-first
(er)45:silver bow -> Silver Bow
(er)49, 221:spluttering -> sputtering [ik] [dd] [bk]
(er)68, 118:forest of Eula -> Forest of Eula
(er)76:(but only these) Items -> (but only these) items
(er)78:back-handed -> backhanded [jb: Fix it]
(er)121:toa-trees -> toa trees
(er)121:ledge and -> ledge, and
(er)124:east and -> east, and
(er)127:Lone Wolf [itals]
(er)127:corridor and -> corridor, and
(er)127:star charts and -> star charts, and
(er)127:maps and engrossed -> maps, engrossed [so: or, maps, and are engrossed; maps while engrossed]
(er)133:[Krafen [18-04-2010]: On page 133 of The Kingdoms of Terror, a sentence reads "We've heard noises in the "Hell-hole" late at night,' he says guilefully, 'horrible noises." I don't think "guilefully" is a word, and if it were it would mean deceptively, which doesn't make sense in context. I suspect the word should be "gleefully."]
[so: The original wording is "guilefully", which is definitely a real word. Its use here is rather odd, though; I'm not wholly sure what Joe is trying to say.]
[dd: DD: yeah, I sorta took it to mean 'craftily' or 'wilily' ... I assumed it was also meant to imply it was said with some relish... it is a bit obscure... "gleefully" might possibly be more apt... also 'balefully'? I don't thing it's necessarily needing to be changed.]
[tp: I think "slyly" is a good substitute, if it must be changed. "Guile" doesn't have to mean "lying", but it certainly indicates a degree of cunning and concealment that seems out of place with describing someone talking /to/ Lone Wolf. (If Lone Wolf were /hearing/ a conversation and knew somebody was telling a clever lie, I would have no problem with that being said "guilefully".) "Sly", on the other hand, encompasses hinting, implication and innuendo, even humour -- which is what I think is implied here.]
[jb: I'm pretty sure guilefully doesn't really make sense here (why is the Ogron trying to deceive?), but it's hard to know what really was intended here. I think grimly, wryly, darkly, and mysteriously all make sense.]
(er)135:boasting or -> boasting, or
(er)138:on to the street -> onto the street [LeRoy McSwain, Jan 2007]
(er)141:dancers and -> dancers, and
(er)144, 202:equipment and -> equipment, and
(er)146:north-west -> northwest
(er)156:resistance -> Resistance [so: in second choice]
(er)156:resistance -> RESISTANCE [so: We have already altered it in the Errata from resistance -> Resistance]
(er)158 [x3]:Items -> items
(er)158:Silver Key [Dewi Morgan: You might already have the Silver Key from Kalte in your possession, August 2008]
[SO: To disambiguate: Silver Key -> Small Silver Key]
(er)161:belt pouch -> Belt Pouch
(er)165:guild of city criers -> Guild of City Criers
(er)168:glasses and -> glasses, and
(er)170, 178, 243, 268, 340:with a Bow -> with Bow
(er)172:a room I take -> a room, I take
(er)193:[The mention of the map at 193 is confusing, since it isn't mentioned at all on the second path. Maybe a footnote saying you quickly search the room and find a map? Maybe changing THE map to A map would minimize confusion?]
(er)202:shabby and -> shabby, and
(er)209:discard your bow -> shoulder your bow [Dewi Morgan, August 2008]
(er)211:Prince Janveal of Helm -> Prince Janveal of Helin [tw: The maps in both this book and in 16tlov show the name of the Lyrisian town as "Helin". OCR error?]
(er)216:Brass street -> Brass Street
(er)219:makes ceremonious display -> makes a ceremonious display
(er)219:seat and hurls -> seat, and hurls
(er)253:A Meal of -> A meal of [so: It is not a possession in this instance]
(er)257:on to -> onto [LeRoy McSwain, Jan 2007]
(er)267:Varettian plain -> Varettian Plain
(er)289:wineshops -> wine shops
(er)289:rivermen -> river-men
(er)289:a knot...tumble -> a knot...tumbles [LeRoy McSwain, Jan 2007]
(er)289:and set about each other -> and they set about each other [LeRoy McSwain, Jan 2007]
(er)293:new-found -> newfound
(er)297:gleefully, 'I -> gleefully. 'I
(er)297:main mast -> mainmast
(er)300:gold and -> gold, and
(er)300:It is the Tower of the King and marks... -> It is the Tower of the King and it marks... [or maybe and -> that/which]
(er)301:shrieks, 'I -> shrieks. 'I
(er)301:Trembling with pain and fury, he staggers to his feet and demands his sword and cloak from the innkeeper before stumbling into the night with a welter of threats and curses. [Why demand his sword when he already has it? Maybe he demands just his cloak?]
(er)317:riders are galloping -> riders gallop
(er)339:any of these Items, turn to 90. -> any of these items, turn to 90.
(er)341:riverbank -> river bank
(er)341:Cener mountains -> Cener Mountains
(er)341:Huntmastery and -> Huntmastery, and
(er)342:Welcome brave -> Welcome, brave
(er)342:sir, welcome -> sir; welcome [or, sir. Welcome] [jb: I actually made these separate sentences.]
(er)346:Each wear -> Each wears
(er)Combat Rules Summary:Kai Disciplines -> Magnakai Disciplines
(er)Combat Rules Summary:This is when ENDURANCE points of either character fall to 0. -> This is when ENDURANCE points of either character falls to 0 or below.
(er)Combat Rules Summary:Pick number from Random-> Pick a number from the Random
(er)Combat Rules Summary:Turn to Combat -> Turn to the Combat
(er)Combat Rules Summary:to random number -> to the random number
(er)Combat Rules Summary:when ENDURANCE -> when the ENDURANCE
(er)Combat Rules Summary:ignored, -> ignored;
(er)Map:Varetian Hills -> Varettian Hills

Fixed (Not Errata)
(ne)title:Kai lords -> Kai Lords
(ne)discplnz:[KS: Wrong Weaponmastery illustration]
(ne)Equipment:anytime -> any time
(ne)10, 44, 124 [x2], 131, 231, 297, 341:Kazonara <cite>
(ft)13:[LeRoy McSwain, Jan 2007: What if you have a Bow and would still like to flee?]
(ne)16, 144, 202, 251:clang [onomatopoeia]
(ft)17:[Dewi Morgan, August 2008: What if you don't have 2 Gold Crowns to pay for a room?]
[SO: "If you cannot afford to pay for a room, the tavern-keeper will accept one Backpack Item or Weapon in lieu of payment for a night in the dormitory."]
(ft)20:Remember to deduct an Arrow from your Action Chart.
(ne)26, footnotz:melee -> mêlée
(ft)26:In the most recent edition of The Kingdoms of Terror published by Mongoose Publishing, Altan's statistics have been altered to: COMBAT SKILL 28, ENDURANCE (TARGET Points) 50. As this authoritative revision was made under Joe Dever's supervision, it is appropriate to follow that revision here. We have preserved the combat from the original printing here.
(ne)77:>berserkers -> berserkers
(ne)100:Helm Way -> Helin Way
(ne)195:&lellips; -> <ch.lellips/>
(ne)199:merchants wife -> merchant's wife
(ne)239:when says -> when he says
(ne)252:an bow -> a bow [so: footnote error]
(ne)283:crossBow -> crossbow
(ne)298:costal -> coastal
(ne)324:oungent -> pungent [so: (Illustration XIX Caption)]
(ne)332:out-houses -> outhouses [so: line-break.]
(ne)Footnotes (Section 2):are thus limited to one of each potion (if you can afford to buy and have space carry them). -> may therefore purchase only one of each potion, should you decide to do so.
(ne)Footnotes (Section 232):why this is. -> why this is so.
(ne)Errata:the Pathmanship choice -> the Pathsmanship choice
(ne)Errata:intitial -> initial

(er)discplnz [x3]:weapon(s) -> Weapon(s)
(er)5:rivalries and -> rivalries, and [jb: not a serial comma in this case (split by ... rivalries and the ambitions...)]
(er)14:come Tagazin -> come, Tagazin [jb: I don't think this is technically necessary, and it would make separate each of the first three words of the sentence with commas (not very pretty). :)]
(er)53, 104, 144, 202, 240, 251, 312 [x2]:tavern-keeper -> tavernkeeper
(er)54:draughty -> drafty
(er)82:carthorses -> cart-horses
(er)87:The town watch rush forward to avenge their sergeant's death, but in their haste -> The town watch rushes forward to avenge its sergeant's death, but in its haste [LeRoy McSwain, Jan 2007] [jb: In this case, I think it's important to make it clear that the watch is comprised of more than one person.]
(er)133:guilefully, 'horrible -> guilefully. 'Horrible [so: maybe?]
[tp: I disagree. "We've heard noises late at night, horrible noises," seems a perfectly acceptable construction to me.]
[jb: I'm with Tim on this. It seems OK as-is.]
(er)186:Free Psi-surge use [NM]
[so: Since the effect of this use of Psi-surge is described as happening 'gradually', you must decide whether to deduct 2 or 4 ENDURANCE points due to use of this Discipline.
[JB: The section which leads > to 186 mentions either Nexus or Psi-surge. I think it's likely that > Dever didn't include an endurance loss because of the Nexus.]
(er)183, 197, 252:arrow -> Arrow [jb: 183 is Altan's arrow. 197 is not your arrow. 252 is not really an item Arrow.]
(er)233:Chasm of Doom -> chasm of doom [so: cf. all other occurrences in this book, e.g. Section 1] [jb: This is used like a proper noun. There were only two other occurrences in this book, so I capitalized those instead. I also corrected others in 04tcod, 16tlov, and 17tdloi.]
(er)251:equipment and -> equipment, and [jb: not a serial comma]
(er)289:to-ing and fro-ing
(er)294:After the defeat of Barraka, they fled south to escape the Sommlending army. It was a common belief in the Lastlands that the brotherhood had been destroyed and their power extinguished forever, but this encounter proves otherwise. [Shouldn't the tense here be is, not was?]
(er) ripples as if a wave were washing... -> ripples as if a wave was washing...
[Peregrine: "Were" is indeed the subjunctive, correctly used here. "Was" is right only in that the subjunctive is uncommon in modern English and is usually replaced by the indicative past tense.]