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Happy Fehmarn!

The start of a new Sommlending year is here at last! And what a year it promises to be…

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game will be published May/June with maps and supplements to follow.

Four new titles in the Italian Collectors’ Edition Lone Wolf series (books 7-10).

Two new titles in the English Collectors’ Edition (books 22 and 23).

But perhaps the most exciting event of the New Year will be the long-awaited publication of Lone Wolf 29: The Storms of Chai.

First publication will be in Italian with English to follow shortly after. Vincent Books have commissioned Alberto Dal Lago to provide the cover, and Marvel artist Guiseppe Camuncoli to do the interior illustrations. Cartographer Francesco Mattioli will provide the map. Publication dates: Italian edition early November, English edition early December.

My sincere thanks and my deepest appreciation to my Lone Wolf fans for your loyal support. You have made this celebration possible. I salute you all:

“Saol Fehmarn!”

For Sommerlund and the Kai!


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  1. Posted April 1, 2015 at 5:12 pm | Permalink

    In case anyone is wondering why today is Fehmarn, Joe recently explained the Sommlending calendar and festivals on his Facebook page. I’ve taken the liberty of quoting it extensively below.

    One of the chapters in the forthcoming ‘The Realm of Sommerlund’ supplement for LWAG is the Calendar of Sommerlund. This covers all the Sommlending week days, months, seasons, feast-days etc. Here’s a summary:

    One day = 24 hours
    One week = 7 days
    One month = 30 days
    One year = 360 days

    Sunday = Kaidag
    Monday = Mentdag
    Tuesday = Liodag
    Wednesday = Midvoka
    Thursday = Urkadag
    Friday = Fehdag
    Saturday = Ishdag

    Spring = FEHANGOR
    April = Berkano
    May = Perthro
    June = Jera

    Summer = SOLANGOR
    July = Hagalas
    August = Gebo
    September = Raidho

    Autumn (Fall) = HESTANGOR
    October = Ansus
    November = Uras
    December = Othala

    Winter = KALTANGOR
    January = Ingwas
    February = Mannas
    March = Ehwas

    Fehmarn = First Day of Spring (Berkano 1st)
    Maesmarn = Mid-Summer’s Day (Gebo 15th)
    Folmarn = Mid-Autumn (Uras 15th)
    Kaltmarn = Mid-Winter’s Day (Mannas 15th)

    Unlike our familiar Earth year, each New Year in Magnamund begins on the First Day of Spring. The Earth equivalent, i.e., the first day of a new Sommlending year, is April 1st. Therefore, I propose we celebrate our first Feast of Fehmarn on April 1, 2015.

    Using the above summary, you’ll be able to work out your own Sommlending birthday. Mine is February 12th, which is Mannas 12th on the Sommlending Calendar. If your birthday falls outside of the Sommlending calendar (i.e. on Jan 31, Mar 31, May 31, Jul 31, Aug 31, Oct 31, or Dec 31, then I suggest you carry it over to the 1st of the following month. For example, if your birthday is Jan 31, the Sommlending equivalent would be Mannas 1st (Feb 1st).