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Dreams of Darkness

FF14 Congratulations to our very own Simon Osborne who has recently had a Lone Wolf mini-adventure published in Issue 14 of Fighting Fantazine. I had the pleasure of reading it before it was published, and it’s 200 sections of Lone Wolf fun. I hope you enjoy!

The Story So Far…

You are Dorst, retainer and personal guard to Baroness Coryene of Gadorvo, a city in the Republic of Palmyrion. You have faithfully served the Baroness and her family for twenty-seven years, ever since you were given shelter at their chateau one cold, rainy night in the late autumn of the year MS 5050.…

Although you visit the shrines to the Goddess Ishir along with the Baroness, who has grown from a gawky tomboy to a beautiful noblewoman while in your charge, you have never before partaken in any form of prayer, devotion, or worship to the Moon Queen. Yet just these past few weeks, you have found yourself waking in the night, restless, troubled by dreams you cannot recall, save for a pair of glowing red eyes that glare at you malevolently from a face covered by a metal helm. Several times now you have beseeached Ishir for her protection, yet she does not listen, despite the Baroness’ assurance that Ishir will never turn away the prayers of anyone in need. Why would the kind Goddess abandon you after many years of faithful service to her worshippers?

And yet there is a reason, one that you cannot remember. For you are Dorst. But you are not Dorst.…

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