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LWAG cover £68k pledgedThe Lone Wolf Adventure Game Kickstarter was successfully funded to the tune of £68,000 back in September (€88,500 / $105,000) and attracted over 600 backers eager to support Cubicle 7 (C7) in producing a brand-new game set in the world of Magnamund. C7 wanted to give the supporters an extra reward, so, at the start of October, they invited them to join in the play-testing of a completed first draft of the game.

Well, over a month has now passed and dozens of play groups have taken their first steps into Magnamund as Initiates of the Kai Order. They’ve tested the rules for combat in daring battles against the Giaks, using their courage and their Kai Disciplines to protect the innocent from the minions of the Darklords. C7 had some really valuable feedback and have been thrilled at how much people have enjoyed our take on the game. Those of you who haven’t been able to take part in the play-test, don’t worry, be assured you’ll get your chance to play the game next year!

Beyond the rules material, I and the C7 team have been hard at work on the texts for the boxed set. We’re into the final stages of editing now. The C7 Art Department has been working hard devising a layout scheme which will really make The Lone Wolf Adventure Game a superb tool for teaching role-playing games to a new generation, whilst at the same time satisfying hardcore experienced gamers. It’s going to be really special. Art Director Jon Hodgson and Lead Artist Scott Purdy are well underway. Jon has sketched the iconic characters. They will be making appearances throughout the core set with words of advice and examples of how to play, led by their tutor Kai Master Silent Owl. Not only will they be your guides while you are learning the rules, they’ll also provide help in quickly finding whichever section you’re looking for when you reference the books during play.

Kai Initiates

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