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Gary Chalk Kickstarter Campaign for Lone Wolf Board Game


I just learned that Gary Chalk is doing a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Lone Wolf board game.

You are Lone Wolf, the last of the Kai Lords. Or perhaps you are Prince Pelathar, heir to the throne of Sommerlund. Or maybe you are the infamous Giak warrior Kootak, sent by the Darklords to raze the land. Now you can be all of these … in a hand-painted tabletop wargame.…

Battle for Magnamund is a fantasy wargame for two or more players. Each battle pits good against evil, and the core set sees the Human forces of Sommerlund in war against the Giaks, murderous grey-skinned humanoids bred in the infernal city of the Darklords. Players may control either an entire army or a single brigade on one side at a time. The goal is to allow you to re-create any battle or scenario from the classic Lone Wolf books, and the game comes with pre-made scenarios to start you on your way.

It reminds me of the Ragadorn Alehouse Brawl tabletop game from the Magnamund Companion but seems much more robust and complete. Gary Chalk did the lovely artwork, of course, and the campaign page has a short video interview of Gary, so check it out.

(There’s a longer interview of Gary available as well.)

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