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Loup Solitaire, le Livre de Règles

A few months ago, I received news about goings-on with the French publication. I haven’t been able to get back to sharing it until today. The following is a translation of the original French blurb from Le Grimoire. (Thanks to Antoine, Ben, and Cerulean for help with the translation.)

Le Grimoire has obtained the rights to the French edition of the LONE WOLF role-playing game. Our books are in the form of a large illustrated encyclopedia of the world created by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk for the gamebooks “where you are the Hero – Lone Wolf”.

Loup Solitaire, le Livre de Règles is a comprehensive reference book and a role-playing game together in one volume. All rules are strictly in the spirit of the series of Books Where You are the Hero, published by Gallimard Jeunesse.

Become a valiant Kai Lord, use formidable fighting disciplines and go to war against the forces of Evil plaguing the world! Handle the wonderful charms of the grimoires of the Crystal Star, and wisely use the incredible magic of Dessi! Show yourself worthy of your sword of a Knight of the Kingdom of Sommerlund or use the weapons of the courageous Dwarves of Bor! But also, you can ride the seas with panache, as a Buccaneer of Shadaki! You will tap into the forgotten knowledge of the peoples of Magnamund – material needed to build adventures worthy of the greatest heroic epics of all time! You will charge at the head of glorious armies, battling enemies using your psychic powers to proudly defend the realms of Light.

With all this information, you can enrich and enliven unforgettable game parties. You want to cross the Marshes of Hell? Explore the Caverns of Kalte? This book will reveal what plants will benefit you, how many potions of Laumspur to carry, and what equipment will be needed in these hostile countries. Many are the monsters prepared for war to serve the Tyrant of the Desert or the Cener Druids. From formidable Giaks to the dreaded colossal Giants of Kaum, your opponents will appear to be legion but to fight for honor and freedom is the challenge when you become a hero in a world living under the threat of the Masters of Darkness in Helgedad.

Loup Solitaire, le Livre de Règles
Date: June 2010 – Available
Pages: 256.
Price: 32 euros
ISBN: 9782917730027

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