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Gallimard-jeunesse publishes 5 and 6

I recently learned that Gallimard-jeunesse, the French publisher of Lone Wolf (Loup Solitaire), has just published books five and six: Le Tyran du Desert and La Pierre de la Sagesse.


Le Gouffre Maudit

For any of us who read French, Le Grimoire has recently published Le Gouffre Maudit, a translation of The Chasm of Doom.

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Joe Dever and Russ Nicholson Interviewed

The folks at Le Grimoire, French publishers of Lone Wolf, passed along some interviews of Joe Dever and Russ Nicholson at interviews from Monde du Jeu 2010, including a note about an upcoming version of Lone Wolf for Kindle and iPad. part 1 part 2 part 3 Maybe I’m just a Lone Wolf geek, but […]

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Loup Solitaire, le Livre de Règles

A few months ago, I received news about goings-on with the French publication. I haven’t been able to get back to sharing it until today. The following is a translation of the original French blurb from Le Grimoire. (Thanks to Antoine, Ben, and Cerulean for help with the translation.) Le Grimoire has obtained the rights […]

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