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The Buccaneers of Shadaki!

The legendary Moonstone was created by the god-like Shianti, whose presence upon Magnamund heralded the dawn of Humanity. It contains the might of all the Shianti’s magic and wisdom – the sum of their divine knowledge. Lone Wolf, Supreme Master of the Kai, has successfully retrieved the Moonstone following its theft by the forces of darkness, and now this magical artefact must be returned quickly to its creators before its immense powers disrupt the delicate balance of nature. He has entrusted the precious Moonstone to you – the most promising warrior in the ranks of the New Order Kai.

In The Buccaneers of Shadaki, your quest is to deliver this stone of power to the Shianti who are exiled upon the mystical Isle of Lorn. Will your vital quest succeed, or will you fall foul of the pirates and perils that infest the southern seas of Magnamund?

When I acquired my copy of this rare tome, it was fetching insane sums on auction sites. (Actually, I bought someone’s entire Lone Wolf collection to get my hands on this one book!) Checking again just now confirmed that nothing much has changed.

We at Project Aon are doing our best to bail out our fellow fans in these trying times. Now, if you can do without the aroma of paper and ink (or just can’t wait for Mongoose to republish it), you don’t need to break your budget in order to read the 22nd installment in the series.

The Buccaneers of Shadaki

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

Jonathan Blake
Project Aon

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