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Hi Jon and all at Project Aon. My sincere congratulations on your remarkable achievement of publishing all 28 of the Lone Wolf gamebooks. What a wonderful 30th anniversary present to have Lone Wolf 28: The Hunger of Sejanoz published precisely 30 years after the first publication of Lone Wolf 1: Flight from the Dark! You […]

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Preview of Blood on the Snow

Lone Wolf news keeps coming fast and furious. GameTrailers has released a preview Blood on the Snow, an interactive Lone Wolf gamebook for tablets (presumably iPad), which is in pre-alpha but is slated to release some time this year.

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Flight from the Dark Comes to Kindle

A new interactive Kindle edition of the extended version of Flight from the Dark has gone on sale in the United States (Europe and the rest of the world to follow in the future). I haven’t had a chance to check it out, but from what I understand, it’s supposed to keep track of game […]


KGS Has a New Home

The Kai Grand Sentinel has settled into a new home. We hope you like the new place. Please let us know in the comments if you find any problems or have any suggestions. Your help is much appreciated by the folks here at Project Aon. Please subscribe to its feeds at their new locations: What’s […]

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Lone Wolf is up for an award and you can help it win!

The first German language edition of Lone Wolf 1 (i.e. the extended version) has been nominated for the German RPC Fantasy Award, the German equivalent of an Origins Award. The award is determined by us, the fans. We can vote for the German edition of Lone Wolf 1, titled Einsamer Wolf 1—Flucht aus dem Dunkel. […]

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Annual Report 2009

In line with the previous two years, we at Project Aon have compiled an annual report, a brief retrospective of the work undertaken in the calendar year 2009. We also lay out a tentative roadmap for what we hope to achieve in 2010. The file can be downloaded here. Let’s hope that 2010 will be […]


Scifi-Universe Interview with Joe

Scifi-Universe did a 25 minute, bilingual interview with Joe Dever.

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Le Grimoire interview of Joe Dever

Here’s a Le Grimoire interview of Joe Dever, though it’s only one part of three. I can’t seem to locate the other parts. A little help? My appetite for 29–32 is definitely whetted! Update: Original video disappeared. Fixed. Update 2: The entire interview has now been posted in four parts: part 1, part 2, part […]

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Call of Nature

We get the text of the Lone Wolf books by scanning them and running the images through OCR software that converts the images to text files. The software isn’t perfect. Part of the reason it takes us so blasted long to publish the books is the effort required to pick up after the OCR program. […]


Treat from Nate Furman

Nate Furman sent us a special treat. He says this sampler is what clinched the deal for him to illustrate The Plague Lords of Ruel for Mongoose. He wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it. (It won’t be published with the Lone Wolf books because it has nothing to do with LW.) [Copyright cop […]