Project Aon

This page is a list of what items/projects we are currently seeking regarding Joe Dever/Lone Wolf material. Deprecated material has been moved here.

(A standard contact letter is here.)


The following artists have produced full-colour cover artwork/posters for Lone Wolf, and we are seeking any full versions of such artwork without author credits/publishers' logos etc.

  • Gary Chalk (except Flight from the Dark (original) )
  • Peter Andrew Jones (except Eclipse of the Kai and The Sacrifice of Ruanon)
  • Brian Williams (except The Sword of the Sun, and California Countdown)

Get original cover scans for all books for the purpose of improving quality of various PDF files. (A multicoloured table might be a good way to keep track of these.)

Audiobook 2, The Dark Door Opens

  • Cover scan
  • 64bit MP3s of both tapes (or copies of the tapes).
    • People have claimed in e-mails (that Simon has seen) to own a copy of this.


  • Joe Dever's TV appearances (e.g. Motormouth (see here(approve sites)), GamesMaster) (video)
  • Joe Dever's radio appearances (MP3 or tape)


  • Photographs of The Lone Wolf Collection of Fantasy Knitwear jumpers:
    • 1. Lone Wolf
    • 2. Skeleton
    • 3. Crossed axes
    • 4. Scarab


The following magazines are potential sources for adverts/reviews/interviews/competitions to do with Joe Dever/Lone Wolf and/or Brian Williams, Gary Chalk, Ian Page:

  • Games Master (Sep 88 - Mar 90, 19 issues) (except #4, #7, #15, #16, #17)
  • Games Master International (Aug 90 - Oct 91, 15 issues) (except #1 - #11, #13 - #15)
  • Imagine
  • Role-player Independent (Jan 1993 - Aug 1994, 20 issues) (except #1 - #12)
  • Valkyrie magazine
  • White Dwarf (except #1 - #90)
  • Other trade role-playing/publishing magazines

The following are some specific magazine articles that we know exist but have been unable to locate thus far:

  • Games Master #8 (Apr 89): Lone Wolf fantasy Battle wargame article


  • Photographs of the Matchlock Miniatures Lone Wolf miniatures range from 1994, except the following:
    1. Alyss
    2. Guildmaster Banedon
    3. Arch-Druid Cadak
    4. Mountain [Fearsome?] Giak
    5. Warlord Magnaarn

Figurines (Roger Andrews Studios)

  • Photographs of Alyss
  • Photographs of Banedon
  • Photographs of Nolrim
  • Photographs of Viveka
  • Scan of Certificate of Authenticity that came with first editions of Grand Master Lone Wolf