Project Aon

The Project Aon website is based on PmWiki. This allows you to easily create and maintain your own web pages on the server. If you need to host your files and not just some informational web pages, consider requesting a web account.

If your name (or nickname) is Paido, then you would

  1. Type into your web browser (replacing "Paido" with your chosen name)
  2. Click on the link to create Paido.Home (if you see that someone else has already used your name, then choose another)
  3. Enter the password which is listed on the password prompt (as of this writing, the password is "landar")
  4. Use some basic editing skills to create your pages

For example, see Jon's wiki page.

If you would rather not use the Wiki, a web account will allow you to upload HTML files to your own staff directory on the server.