Project Aon

Can I use the Project Aon edition of the books to create my software?

Yes, but if you do, you must host your files on the Project Aon website exclusively. Otherwise, if your software doesn't contain the books directly, then you can host your software wherever you choose.

Will Project Aon host my files?

Yes. Please request a web account. You may also want to look into Google Code to host your source code.
All new projects that are distributed through the public Project Aon website will be required to be released under an open source license.

Who can answer my technical questions?

Your technical questions are best directed to, who will escalate them to the volunteer mailing list if further clarification is needed.

Who can test my software?

Once you are at a point where you need someone to test your software, you have a number of options: the volunteer mailing list, the Forum, or the Blog. If you would like to post on the Blog, please ask for access on the mailing list.

Can I get access to the source data?

We use XML as our source for all automatically generated files. It is highly recommended that you do the same. We can customize the XML to fit your needs.
Otherwise, you could try just downloading the files available from the public website.

What AON hosting facilities are there?

Full details available here: