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Lone Wolf Miscellaneous

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Lone Wolf Miscellaneous 1 is an attempt to bring together all mail order forms, pricelists, and adverts relating to Lone Wolf and other items developed by Joe Dever.

Project Aon (4th September 2007)

  • Revised: 9th November 2009
    15th January 2012

Lone Wolf Miscellaneous 2 documents various correspondence with Joe Dever, and related images, as well as reproducing articles written by Joe Dever, or about his works.

We would like to extend special thanks to the staff of Books for Keeps magazine, who generously allowed us permission to reproduce material from their July 1984 edition, including an interview with Joe Dever and a review of the first two Lone Wolf books. They were even kind enough to provide scans of this material for us to use. Visit the Books for Keeps website for more information about this periodical.

Project Aon (4th September 2007)

  • Revised: 27th July 2009 (added RPI #12 material)
    30th June 2009
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Author: Joe Dever
Illustrators: Gary Chalk, Peter Andrew Jones, Brian Williams