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300 New Flags of Magnamund

Joe has now added more flags to the Flags of Magnamund archive bringing the total number of flags to over 1,000!

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Kaltmarn is Coming!

The Sommlending festival of Kaltmarn occurs on 15th Othala (December). It is a mid-winter’s feast day and it celebrates the shortest day and the longest night of the year. It is the last celebratory feast that takes place before deep winter begins. It is also a time when most cattle are slaughtered so that they […]

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Cubicle 7 to Publish Lone Wolf 29

Joe Dever just announced on his Facebook page that Cubicle 7 will be publishing Lone Wolf 29: The Storms of Chai in March 2016. THE STORMS OF CHAI As the Forces of Darkness launch an overwhelming assault upon the Free Nations of Magnamund, Kai Supreme Master Lone Wolf tasks you with a desperate mission to […]

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Flags of Sommerlund

Joe Dever just sent another image with many more Sommlending flags than were included in the original Flags of Magnamund files. Saol Fehmarn!

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Maps of Magnamund

The Maps of Magnamund Collection comprise 36 super-detailed colour maps of the World of Magnamund. Illustrated by Francesco Mattioli, they combine exquisitely intricate maps on the front, with a world grid and useful background information on the reverse. They cover many previously uncharted geographic features, plus special sites and locations never before revealed to Lone […]

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Alberto Dal Lago Wallpapers

Alberto Dal Lago has very generously given me his permission to use 10 of his magnificent artworks as Wallpapers (1920×1080) which you can download here for free. These comprise the covers of the Italian Lone Wolf Collectors’ Edition Books 1-8, Book 29, plus the new edition Freeway Warrior 1. There’s no better way to enjoy […]

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Flags of Magnamund

The Flags of Magnamund has been a long term project I’ve been working on for several years. I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve now completed all of the flags that comprise the main collection. I expect to be adding some secondary flags over the coming months, but I thought I’d share the index thumbnails […]

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Joe Dever Interviewed at Fascinating Nouns

Joe Dever recently sat for an interview for the Fascinating Nouns podcast. There are two parts to the interview, the main episode and some bonus material of Joe explaining the world of Magnamund, so make sure to check out both. It’s almost two hours of Lone Wolf and Joe Dever!

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Wil Wheaton Among Lone Wolf Fans at Gen Con

One of the many Lone Wolf fans I met at Gen Con turned out to be none other than Wil Wheaton (Star Trek Next Gen, Stand By Me, Toy Soldiers, Big Bang Theory). You can tell by the look on Wil’s face just how big a Lone Wolf fan he is. He’s also a genuinely […]

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Joe Dever at Gen Con 2015

I’m pleased to confirm that I’ll be attending this year’s Gen Con USA, July 31 – August 2. Event registration is now live. I’ll be one of the panel of guest speakers at the Interactive Fiction aka Choose Your Own Adventure seminar (SEM1578846) at 2pm on Friday July 31. You can register on the Gen […]

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